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Memory In A Photo


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The picture my favorite cousin sent arrived in today’s mail.

It brought me back to long ago, before my dreams did pale.

Your smile shown like a thousand suns the reason for my waking.

To see the twinkle in your eyes again, sent my heart to quaking.

It brought me back to days gone by; our dreams still freshly new.

Just one year after we were wed, complete joy to stand beside you.

I can almost feel the security your strong arm around me lent,

Recalling the closeness that we shared, the depth of love apparent.

Your head of hair, not quite yet gray, your glowing skin so healthy.

A partnership of soul mates bred a true affair of love for eternity.

The smile I flashed when opening the memory in that one photo

Turned to pangs of heartstrings broke, when looking at tomorrow.

I’ve moved beyond the anger though loneliness tends to prevail,

And muddled through the questions sparked by this day’s mail.

I’ve never loved another more and doubt there could ever be

A greater treasure than you have been, in the coming century.

Always and forever, my love.


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Thanks, Boo and Maryo.

I loved Bob's smile most of all. It was so easy and the first thing I loved about him. It was a treat getting this picture. I'd never seen it before.

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