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Dear Marsha,

Eighteen months and your anniversary...I imagine you are doing your best to get through it. You and Joe had an incredible journey together. I know he is with you in spirit today and I hope you can hold onto the memories that give you strength and let go of the ones that cause your heart to clench.

I've been thinking about couples that get married on New Years. You must have been one fun-lovin' duo! My prayers are with you, today, Marsha. Take good care.


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In many of my grief books they suggest that the 12th to 18th month can be very difficult.Jan.21st will be 18 months for me. Sometimes I feel I am going backwards but I am thankful that this period is not as intense or long and is is taking us forward and I believe that the worst is behind us and we might start to look towards the future and not with the dreaded feeling we once had.

Take care.

Mary Lou

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Hi Marsha,

I don't know your story, but I read your post and saw your reference to your late husband as "my sweetie". That is what my husband John (gone four months) and I called each other - "Sweetie". And I had "My Sweetie" inscribed on his gravemarker.

Best to you in reading this, Sweetie!


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