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It has been a little over a month since I lost my 'Scilla. I am still pretty much a mess. I have finally stopped crying every waking moment, but I still find it hard to deal with. There are times when I see something of hers and I remember something and it sets me off. I am still dealing with husband thinking I am nuts and my Dad as well. My Dad, whom I have a wonderful relationship with, keeps telling me that she was just a cat and therefore replaceable. I gently remind him that it is not that way with me. I did adopt another kitty, a year old calico/tortie mix. She's a sweetheart. She's also a very funny little girl! Her crazy antics put a smile on my face at times. But even still, I long for my love. Daphne and I are becoming very close. My husband, at first, was rather jealous of the bond between Daph and I. I mean, we were grieving together, what did he expect?? But he finally agreed that Daph was both our girl and doesn't have his fits of jealousy anymore.

I just miss 'Scilla. Plain and simple. I was hoping that in a month's time it would be easier. It is in some ways, but not a lot in most. I can only hope that when I die that we will be reunited.

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Sometimes people just can't understand how an animal can hold such an esteemed place in our hearts. I always thought I was the type who would say "it is just a cat (or a dog) replace it." and I did have that attitude with a few animals. But I had one special little shih-tzu named Missy who died a little over 2 years ago and I still grieve for her. She cared for no one like she did me. Talk about unconditional love. My favorite thing was how she would stay balled up in her little corner every day, but when it came time to watch TV on the sofa in the evening, I would get out my blanket and she always sensed when it was time. She would be overwhelmed with joy and snuggle up with me. She suffered a spine injury and had mobility problems for a few years. These steadily got worse and the last few months were especially difficult. She would drag her little body through so much to be next to me.(often I would carry her strapped to my chest in a baby sling so she could stay near me without the torture of dragging herself from room to room) I considered putting her to sleep many times and just couldn't, mainly because of the undeniable elation she expressed at snuggle time. Until the very end, no matter how much pain or discomfort she had, when that purple blankie came out so did she.

Finally, one day her diapers were filled with blood and I had to face the inevitable. The vet assured me it was the right decision that she had some serious issues and was only suffering. I never thought it would effect me like it did. I chose to be in the room and hold her in the end, but I cried so hard. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving her for cremation so I brought her little body home, wrapped her in our purple blankie and buried her in the yard.

Missy will always be in my heart...I got another little shih-tzu and he tries hard. He likes to be right by my side, sleeps with me, and gets so happy when I come home. But he isn't Missy.

There are disagreements over whether we can reunite with pets in the afterlife. But I really like what a young man said to me once, that the Bible tells us Heaven will be filled with things we love...so if a pet is what made you happy in life, that pet will be waiting for you on the other side. So I don't know if all my pets will be there, but I like to think that Missy will be.

((HUGS)) to you.

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An pet is part of our family.In some cases it takes place or a spouse or children,so yes when we lose our pet,we grieve the same as it was a human being.

On a side note-my mother use to watch those tv court programs and it was sad how people could not get the compensation for the mental loss of a pet or the pain and suffering for it.

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