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Pets Going To Heaven


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I found this article and wanted to share it with you, it brought me much comfort. Many people have offered the (unsolicited) admonition that our pets do not go to heaven. That is not my personal belief as I know God to be wise and thinking and it would not make sense to me that such a wonderful pet would just be utterly and completely gone, that would be such a waste! Add to that my own personal feelings that such a heaven would not be a heaven at all for it would be missing the most wonderful part of all, those friends that we love, the members of our family that we adopted, our beloved pets.

Please read this article and see if you don't concur:


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My parents just lost their kitty, Cajun. The night before he died, when I spoke to Mom on the phone, I knew from the way she spoke that his time was soon. After getting off the phone, (I hope this doesn't sound silly), I asked Scott (my husband who died 11 months ago, for those of you who don't know), to be there with Einstein (Cajun's kitty brother), to welcome him. And I have always thought about Scott hanging out in heaven with his Dad and his childhood dog, Mokie...though maybe separately, because I don't think his Dad and Mokie got along.. ^_^


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Hi Korina,

It does not sound silly to me either, quite often I will be out and about and people will say whatever happen to Bailey and I will say she is up in heaven playing catch with her grandfather who is my dad who is also in heaven... Bailey being a yellow lab... Shelley

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