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Hi All,

I just wanted everyone to know how special I think you all are, I mean you are all suffering in one way or another but you think of others when you are here... I have been so touched from the friendship I have made from all of you... You all have made me feel like I am so special... Thank you all Shelley

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Guest Robert27

;) Hi Shelley

You Are right There Are very Kind and Careing People here, Your very Special Too Shelley, and Your very much thought of like I told you yesterday, so I just want to say to you, Thank You for your friendship!

God bless you Shelley and remeber all of us are hopeing the best for you!

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I feel completely the same. It is nice to be able to make friends even during tough times. I actually prefer the people I have met here over my friends that are around me. My friends who are around me just try to cheer me up when I dont want to be cheered up. They want me to "stop being sad/depressed" about my dad and they have no idea how I feel. They have never dealt with a dying parent before. At least people here understand that it kind of feels worse to be happy because you are doing it while your loved one is either dying or has passed already and it is unfair to them.

I just truly love you and appreciate you all. Thanks Starkiss for posting this and letting me express my love and thanks too!!

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