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hi All,

So I've noticed something recently. I am now into my 3rd week in work back on 5 days (had been doing 4 day weeks since I came back). Anyways, the last 10 days or so I am finding every single day getting longer and longer which in turn makes the week endless. I am busy in work, it's not like I have nothing to do but time just seems to suddenly on such a go slow, it's like the day just won't end for me, every hour just feels SO LONG. Feels liek I will never get out of here. I woke this morning thinking it was thurs and just felt so weary knowing it was only wednesday.There is nothing going on in work that set anything off with me.

Even as I responded to another post just now that I wrote only 2 weeks, it feels like a lifetime ago I wrote it. Yet the last 5 months without my Dad have just gone by so fast, most of it being a blur which I know is normal.

Time just feels all mixed up at the moment !! So I realise how odd this sounds and I am descirbing it as best I can. Time feeling muddled is about the best way to put it :P

anyone else having any funny feelings with time ? (I'm almost smiling writing this knowing how odd it sounds)

hugs to all dear friends !


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Niamh,I didnt think too much about it,but time is going slow for me also.The days are disgustingly long.By noon everyday I'm like,isnt it bedtime?Although,for me,the 5 months since dad died seems so long,too.I feel like that happened a lifetime ago.I wish time would speed up,but I dont know what for.-blah!

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My dear Niamh,

Mine is the exact opposite. Everyday seems to fly by. Weeks feel like days and months feel like weeks. I suppose it is because my dad is on limited time. I remember when people used to tell me "time fly's when you are having fun" But this is not fun and should not fly by me. I just want to pause time. So no, you do not sound odd. I completely understand... just the other way around for me.

Much love!!!


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Loulou, the word BLAH just sums it all up nicely. I wish for my work week to be over fast every week but it's like yeah whatever, nothing to look forward to at the weekend.

oh Sharla, I wish you could stop time, there just are no words for the complete lack of control eh. I hope things went well with your Dad yesterday. I hope there is some relief to his pain.

hugs and love to you both dear friends,


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I feel like time is flying by for me. My husband asked me a question last night of when we started doing a specific activity for our daughter and I just couldn't answer him because I had no memory of ever starting it. A lot of things are a big blur.

No feeling is odd when grieving.

I hope the week goes fast for you, Niamh


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thank you 2sweetgirls :)

yesterday was one weird day, I took a half day from work because the day was just going too slow and I just felt trapped in here, I've never felt anything like it. Left work at 12.30, by 3pm it felt like I had left work at least 12 hrs before.Every minute was like an hour, it was BIZARRE to say the least.

so friday at last has come and it feels a little more "normal" now, just normal slow *L*

not that i've anything to look forward to tho, go visit Dad for a chat, then wait for bedtime.

hugs and love


PS Sharla hun, hoping all went ok with your dear Daddy's surgery, xx

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