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Missing You A Poem I Wrote For My Dad


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I've been writing poetry since 1984 it helps me to express my feelings about what is

going on at that time. I hope you like it


Hello my love, I love you

This is the hardest day of my life

seeing you there without laughter

I will miss you very much

you were everything to me.

you made me laugh when I wanted to cry

you've touched many lives

I cry for you in many ways

you had something special that you

gave to everyone

an eagle soared through the

midnight air, circling trying

to take the pain away

a rose bloomed as a small tear drop

hit the petal it whispered,

"My child, don't worry about me."

"I'm in good hands now & I know

you & everyone loved me to the fullest"

" I will love you always

don't look to far I will always be by

your side in loving times & the worst time

I will carry you through it."

"If you ever need me go to the willow

tree & I will shelter you until you're

strong enough."

love you don't forget about me

I miss you my love.


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Thank You I'm still under the willow tree wanting to be strong

each day that goes by I realize how much I really Miss him. it hurts

that I won't be able to see or hear his voice. I have his picture up

in my bedroom I think it was his last Easter before he died. I always

say hello & goodnight to him. Love You Meow is what we said to each other

I adopted a cat name paws. Jaye

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maybe if we all stand there. we can pull together & have the strength we need to

go on without our love one.


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