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Finding Audio Clips Of My Dad's Voice

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I just found lots of little audio clips with my Dad's voice on them. I went on a cruise with my parents and my Aunt in 2004 and I remember Dad & I found this cool feature on his camera where you could record voice when taking a photo. So he recorded something on most of the photos.

I can't believe I found these. I thought I had nothing left of his voice after I deleted a voicemail from him back in December in a temper 2 days after the fact.

I have a good friend who is great for making DVDs with photos, music and so on so she had told me she would do one for me. I still want to get copies of any photos my uncles and his cousins have but for now I think I might just put these ones together on their own.

I just feel kinda close to him hearing his voice again, altho at the same time it upsets me so much knowing that is all I have left. I'm sure I will play them to death.

GOD I just want him back, hearing is voice in some ways makes it SO HARD to believe it all again.Makes me wonder does he still sound the same, can he still talk wherever he is *L*.

Finding this must be a little pressie from him, now I know again what he sounds like. thanks Daddy,I just miss and love you always and forever

On another note I have also contacted a lawyer, just sent an email query via their website so they replied already requesting his full name and said they would draft a response which I should have next week. So,I wait anxiously. Part of me knows I am opening a can of worms especially if there is a case against the hospital but I can't let it go. My Dad would do what he could in a situation like this. So I'll do what I can for now and see what they say. If there is a case I would love to be able to go for it & afford it (don't know if they have no win, no fee here) just to be able to help in someway to prevent even one other person from going through this. And if there is no case then I have to lay this to rest but at least I'll know.

hugs and love to each of you,


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I'm glad you found the audio tapes of your dad. I know it's bittersweet but not only do you have his voice but the memories of the time you spent together. I think it was definitely a gift. The DVD sounds wonderful. I hope it puts a smile on your face. :)

I hope you have a case and that it all works out. NO ONE should have to endure this pain and if someone is responsible they should have to pay for it.

Hang in there, my friend. :)

Hugs to you!!!

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Niamh honey,I just saw this!I know how very hard it is to hear the voice of your sweet dad.I had 3 messages from mine on my cell for a month after.I recall clearly the pain that I felt in my heart listening to his voice.I could never put that feeling into words.Even thinking of it now...I think it's awsome you have this.mine got erased and I cant hear his voice,and it hurts.The fact your friend will make a dvd is great.To think of this gift,while your having such a sad week,with the memories of your vacation.Maybe it was from him.I do have a feeling it was.And I'm very curious to what that lawyer says.You have to keep me posted.I think it's great that you put that into action,no matter the outcome.At least your putting action to you thoughts.Love you,hon.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH 2sweetgirls and loulou, my dearest friends.

yeah I think it must have been a gift from him and I love him so much for it, I hope he smiled to when I found them. It put a bitter sweet smile on my face alright, just hearing it made me feel close to him along with the pain of knowing I only have limited words, it's so hard thinking I'll never hear him in real life again.

loulou, I wish so much there was a way you could get those VMs back, do the company ever back them up at all anywhere ? Sometimes I think for a split second when I think of needing more photos, videos etc of him that I just need to go take some more and then I realise I can't.

Going to surprise my Mom with the DVD, I didn't tell her about finding them. Would rather her see the finished thing. I know she asked a while back for a little video clip she thought his voice was on, but it was actually her sister. So I think she will love it, altho it'll be vicious hard for her.

one minute, one day tops at a time as the saying goes.

oh yep I will definitely keep ye posted on the lawyer thing. I don't even know which way I want it to go .....guess I will leave it in the hands of my Daddy and trust the right thing will happen.

much hugs and love to you both, :wub:



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I know what you mean about hearing your Dad's voice. My dad died in May 2001. I don't know when it happened; it must have been months later. My sister called me and said, "call mom's cell phone, I thought I heard a ghost". I called and sure enough, my dad had made the message. It was so wonderful to hear his voice again. I don't know how many times I called the phone to hear him over and over. I can still hear him. Boy, I miss him so much.


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