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Don't Grieve- For I Am Still With You


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I just came across this poem by Phil G

Don't Grieve- for I am still with you

Don't grieve my loss, I have not gone.

My body is beyond your reach, but my soul is touching yours.

I am the one who enters your dreams.

Caresses your face

Hugs you. Misses you.

I have not left, my spirit is with yours.

I am all around you when you call.

I am the gentle breeze when there is no wind.

I am in the photo on the wall when you blink in disbelief.

I am the song that enters your head

For no reason, yet it reminds you of us.

If you wonder if it's me

Or if you shed a tear thinking its not real.

Ask me, to tell you, something you don't know.

Or something you've forgotten from long ago.

My first whisper is the truth.

Think about it, find out about it,

And I'll prove it's me.

Don't grieve that I am gone.

I am with you, beside you, in you.

I will be as long as you need me.

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Sharla hun, while I'd love to say thanks I am not the one who wrote this, it's written by a guy called Phil G (the link is at the top of the poem to his site), he does a lot of work in ADC and these words apparently just came to him after waking up a morning.

Hope you are still getting lots of time with your Daddy and I hope he's hanging tough not in pain these days.

much hugs, comfort and love to you,



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