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Strange Physical Pains - Grief?

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Lately I've been anxious and have been feeling like my throat is closing up. I've had that before, but now I have this pain in the center of my chest, but it's more like a muscle pain where my middle esophagus is. This is new to me. I am sort of concerned, and maybe have been rubbing it too much which might be making it worse.

I've read that grief will do strange things. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with anything similar or new and unexplained pains.

In addition to losing my Dad six weeks ago, I accepted a new job. I googled on the company tonight and found PAGE after PAGE of complaints on this company by consumers and over 800 BBB complaints calling this collection agency a bunch of bottom feeders and harassers. I am stressed as I need a job and benefits, yet can't afford another short term job on my resume. I just can't see myself doing a job like this for long, so I feel stuck. I am thinking I cannot go forward with it. So there is much on my plate that could be causing strange things. I never worry about back pains, etc, but this muscle pain in front has me worried.

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Everyone has to work. I haven't had to deal with collection agencies much but..I was a manager that had them call employees at work. I was given the task of collecting on bad checks at my grocery store once. It's how you talk to them

that matters. Develop a sypathetic but business approach to talking to them. Practise your spiel and say if it wasn't for this bad economy I may not be calling you or working here myself. We all understand people can get behind on things....I'm not being a harrassing jerk in asking you to send them some portion of the debt. It'll delay the whole debt a bit...Find your way and keep your feelers out for a better job. Be nice to people and they'll respond. Don't take their

denial at not paying against you personally. Compartmentalize work personna and "you".LindaKay

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Ps, Pain can be pyche related. I think yours is anxiety attack again. I only have had a few. I went and had a cardio workup. No heart issues, it was anxiety. I stay calm, don't ever(once every 10 years) lose my temper. never raise my voice even then, don't panic..it was hard for me to believe that "I" would have an anxiety attack.LindaKay

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hi Lostdaughter,

I have had a pretty similar pain in my chest too at times.Not sure exactly when it has happened or if something additionally stressful has triggered it but it always goes away after a few days. If you are very worried you could go to your doctor to put your mind at ease and just have yourself checked out.

I know my Mom did one saturday morning and the doctor just told her it was bit of anxiety, nothing to worry about.

I've also had times where my feet are ice cold and nothing can warm them up, the rest of me feels fine, doesn't feel cold.

With regards to the job, for now if you can I would try not to think ahead if that's possible for you, I know it's very difficult because there are always so many worries.Just take it for what it is at the moment, a job to give you money to pay bills and so on, a pay cheque at the end of the week. For me, I know I am not ok in my job these days, I am finding it harder everyday because the work I used to thrive on was taken from me. But I try not to care or worry about it, I focus on the fact that I make it into work everyday. Somewhere in the very back of my mind, I hope things will change, I want to go back to what I used to love but it's too much worry and frustration thinking about it so I just take it day by day, sometimes still hour by hour.

So you are not alone with some of the strange physical things that can happen and as I say if you are very worried, a trip to the doc will help put your mind at ease,



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Dear Daughter,

What LindaKay and niamh have told you is true: Grief definitely can affect us physically, and the symptoms you're experiencing very well could be caused by anxiety and stress. Nevertheless, such symptoms also could indicate that something else is going on, and I think you are wise to see your primary care physician to rule out any other causes. It is always better to hear a healthcare provider tell us there is nothing physically wrong with us than to be told, "This is serious. Why didn't you come to me sooner?"

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