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Really Bad Day

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Hey All,

I am having such a bad day today. I just can't settle on doing anyting and my emotions are everywhere, but mostly I just want to cry. My husband and daughter are so important to me that I don't want to burden them with my overwhelming sadness. Anyone have any suggestions? I am at my wits end.

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When I'm having a bad day, I find it's best if I just let it out and cry as much as I need to. I tend to do this mostly when I'm alone and in the car. I also keep a journal and write letters to my mom to get all my feelings out. I, too, don't want to burden my husband with my sadness, but sometimes I have no choice and feel better once I've talked to him.

Sorry you're having a bad day today. We're all here to listen if you need to vent.

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Guest Nicholas

I agree, just cry and cry and cry, at least according to the books I've read it is much better to cry than bottle it up. I, too, have been crying a great deal recently so know exactly how you feel.

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