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3 Years Ago Today

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Three years ago today, I went to the convalescent hospital in the morning to visit my mom. She was sitting up in her chair, saw me and said "hiiii" as big as could be. She looked at me and said "i love you, i love you, i love you. I am hungry." Thank God, i had taken a meatloaf sandwich for her that morning, and i fed her. She ate it completely gone. We visiting for awhile and I left, never again to see her sitting up and conversing with me or anyone else. Two days later, we got the call saying she was non responsive and a few short hours later, at 11:34 a.m. on 2/2/08 we watched our mother pass away. I miss her so much.

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Dear DebFromLodi,

Thank you for sharing such a sacred a tender moment in your life. How wonderful that your Mother was able to rally so and let you feel her love for you so grand. A treasured moment, and memory for you to take forward with you in life forever.

I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom and the pain that gives rise to. Know that I understand and hold you in gentle thought and prayer.

Courage to you.

Blessings, Carol Ann

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Dear DebFromLodi, Thank you for sharing your thoughts at this most precious time. Your were very fortunate to you that special time with your Mom and it gives you that lovely lasting memory. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow would have been my Mom's 81st birthday but she passed away January 4th this year, 4 weeks ago to the day. I am only now beginning to let go of the denial and start to feel her missing in my life. Knowing you are still hanging in there 3 years later gives me, and everyone else, hope and courage to face the future.

Thanks so very much for sharing with us.

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3 years, wow Deb, such a LONG time without seeing your Mom, but such a short time too. I dread it being that long since seeing my Dad. I'm glad you have a moment like that to remember your Mom telling you she loved you in those last few days.


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I so understand that feeling, Deb. My father died nearly 36 years ago, and I still miss him terribly, each and every day.

Reminds me of that quote from Gregory Peck, speaking of his son who died many years ago:

"I don't think of him every day; I think of him every hour of every day."

You are in my heart today

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