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Do They Really Chose When They And How They Go?


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I have read here that some people think our pets chose when and how they go. I'm wondering why you think that and I wonder why my boy left before I got home to see him. He died on a day that I was so busy, I didn't say goodbye to him before I left for work, or pet him, or give him any kind words before I left. My husband usually stands with him for a long time in the morning to watch him go to the bathroom. I usually pet him or kiss him or something but my husband was leaving town that morning and we were both in a rush. I had planned to come home early but I kept finding small mistakes in a project I was working on and had to keep redoing it. I wish I had been here for him. If I had left work even an hour earlier, I would have seen him before he left. I just want more time with him. More time to hug him, kiss him, bury my face in soft fur. I want more time to do something nice for him, give him some great food, spend hours petting and brushing him but I didn't do enough when he was here and now it's too late. I miss him so much and I just can't believe he's gone.

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I do! I have become more conviced then ever. One reason why was something Cesar Millan said - "Dogs dont view death the way humans do!" When I read all the stories of how animals see spirits when we humans can, it is like when they can hear frequences that we cant.

More importantly I have had several event happen to me that is why that is to me, a fact. When my Dad died of cancer, his only dog (the only one have was HIS rather then Mom's) was so lost. She lived 1 month beyond, but she never stopped looking for his to even sleeping on his shoes. I month later I KNEW she had to be put down but I was enraged at having to do it. I railed at Dads spirit (any angels who were listening) to COME and GET HER! I was still recovering from Dad's death and I did not think I should have to make to decision to do take, I could not stand to see her suffer any more. I slept on the floor

with her that last night, I know she was still alive at 4am, at 6 am she was gone, keeping me from having to put her down.


Another one - Foxie had been give two weeks to live. Now I am convinced that she wanted to die because I didnt lke her nuch. A short time earlier what Tanna had to be put own, she had done a snoopy dance because that black which was DEAD (long hate between then) I told Foxie I was sorry and that if she would stay, I would love her and care for her. (She had been Steve's dog). Well with my holistic skills, we gave her a good quality of life for FOUR years! One day I got a funny feeling. I took her to the vet. We had gone to breakfast because the vet was doing a workup on her that would take to hours. I got a call from the vet - her heart stopped! I am absoltely convince that she tricked me into taking her to the hospital where she died - freeing me from any decision to fight for her life as her thank you to me.

I had a therapy dog that had gotten cancer. She really went downhill fast at the end. We were taking her to be euthanised.

I just could not bear the thought I would have to put her down. She died in my arms SECONDS befopre we pulled into the vet -her thank you to me. There are so many stories lies thing I have.

If that death that happened to you, happened to me. I would take it that she needed to move on and was giving you the gift of not have to suffer thru the physical transtion. They know what we are going through in life. Can you say your grief would have been easier if she slipped away in your arms (at that time)? Could you have afforded a huge vet bill trying to save him when he was ready to go?

One reason (a key one) what I volunteer wiith hospice, is because I wanted to become comfortable with the end life's jouney as I was with births or weddings. So I dont have negative feelings about it (NOT that I dont greif the loss of my fourlegged friends even years later). Anyway, that is why I feels as I do but dont belive a word I say, check it for your self.


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I don't know that they choose the exact time but I think they sometimes know that it's their time because sometimes cats go off to die alone, I'm not sure why. I don't think they view death the way we do, they don't have a comprehension of it intellectually like we do, but they know they don't feel good and want to die the way they want, whether or not it's to be left alone.

The only animal I ever had that didn't seem to die in peace was my Lucky girl (Whippet), the vet put her to sleep and she fought it anxiously, that was really hard to watch, it tore me up inside, but she died the same way she lived life, worried and scared (she'd been rescued from abuse as a puppy) and at last she is out of her anxiety. When next I see her again I imagine she will be at peace and happy.

Please don't do this to yourself, you did your best and I think they know that.

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