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The 4Th Angelversary


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(of missing Bob)

This day brings back

The frightful way

You died when you

Were supposed to stay.

The storms passed.

The weeds grew.

The years end.

I saw it through.

The repairs came.

The silence went.

The tides changed.

I sought to vent.

The clock ticks.

The hours fly.

The love we had

Surpasses time.

Your memory burns

A forever hole.

My daily prayer

Renews my soul.

Four years ago

We held to hope.

Now still alone

I know I’ll cope.

The kids stretched

Beyond my height.

The dog died.

I saw new light.

Laughter spills

Though tears remain.

The life that’s left

Must start again.

The eagle soars.

It’s you I know,

Watching, guarding,

Letting go.

Trumpets play.

The loons call.

Our offspring has

Amazed us all.

Doctors’ tests

Relieve my fears.

The job demands.

The pressure wears.

I’m reaching out

Past comfort zones.

To share the love

You once had sown.

My heart won’t let

Your memory fade.

You’re the part in me

Where joy is played.

May 30th, 2011

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Well Kath, I wept my way through that lovely tribute....thank you so much for sharing that with all of us. What a gift! mfh

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