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OK, this is annoying! I am not computer savy, and I CANNOT get my profile picture to load. It's not that big a deal, but I can see what you all look like and think maybe you would like to see what I look like.

I go to the profile page, click on edit and then edit profile or whatever, then click on browse and click on my picture. The little circle thing on my computer page goes round and round and a couple of minutes, then it says it has happened,, but ............. no picture.


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Clear any picture out of there first.

If it is spinning it may not be able to load because of the size of the pic. Check the size, the page says all photos must be no larger than 100 kB. I don't think the site likes bit mapped pics either.

As for the image area can be no bigger than 150 pixels by 150 pixels but it says it will auto shrink that for you.

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Anne E

What I done was open paint, Up in left side top corner, click on the file icon, go to open files. It will open all your picture files. Choose a picture. It will probably open up the picture very large so big you may not see all the picture on the screen. Then you will see re-size. Click on re-size when re-size opens you will see percentage or pixels Choose pixels, the put in 150 in the top box and 140 in bottom box. That keeps the picture in proportions. You will see the picture resize then save as what ever name or number it is and it will probably have a -1 after the name or number and save as jpeg. You should be all set. Give it a try


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