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Three Months Today

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Three months today - at 10:45 in the morning - Virginia Sara Mary Macklin Conklin Abshire passed away in her home surrounded by her family. She was/is the most amazing person I ever met. She was a survivor - born 2 pounds - a set of identical twins. Her mother was an alcoholic, and at times abusive. The lived in poverty in Newark, NJ. She had 12 brothers and sisters - with her and her twin being the oldest surviving girls (she had a sister who was two years older than her who died of starvation at the age of 7 months old). She and her sister had to care for her younger siblings - while her father worked 2-3 jobs to support them - and her mother washed people's laundry for extra money. She married my Grandfather and left everything she knew to living in Northern Michigan. She lived a good life - but they were poor and they struggled. She lost a daughter at the age of 12 to a rare form of leukemia. She lost her husband when she was 48 years old - leaving her a younger widow with three little kids at home - in rural Michigan - with no drivers license (never drove in her life) - but found a way to make it work.

She was a loving and kind woman. Never yelling at her children - always treating them with kindness. The only time I ever saw her get angry was if someone was treating someone she loved poorly. She went hungry at times so we could eat. She went without so we could have. She played a major role in raising all of her grandchildren - most of us living with her at one point or another.

Grandma was the strongest woman I ever met - and the most loving. I love her with all my heart and miss her every day. I hope someday to be half the woman she was!

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Guest Nicholas

Dear Babypod,

These anniversaries are so hard, aren't they? Just getting through each new day is a struggle. There can be no greater pain than losing someone we love.


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