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Marty's Loss

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Just thought I would post that Marty T's dog died today. He was 15 years old. Her post is in the pet bereavment posts. She does so much for us with this site that I know everyone would want to share there condolence.

Marty, I have three whippet's they have carried me through many years but especially through my grief. They have carried my children through their grief. The unconditional love that these sweet spirits share with us is truly a gift from god.

My son asked me if dogs go to heaven. I asked him if his dog had feelings, if his dog could understand him. He said of course! I know that my husband is surrounded by the furry pets that we shared over the years and I know that I can only imagine the amount of dog hair I will have to deal with when I arrive!

Peace to you and your family. Cheryl

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Sorry to hear about your dog, Marty. We've had many pets over the years, and lost a beloved dog just six months before my husband passed. The loss of a pet is also hard. I still have one dog, an Icelandic sheepdog, who's always thrilled to see me - even if I've just come from the bathroom and only been away for 30 seconds.


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So sorry to hear about Beringer, Marty. As a dog lover and one that is owned by her dogs, I know how much a part of the family and your life they become. Thinking of you.

Mary (Queeniemary) in Arkansas

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