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Wishing It Were All A Dream Or Do I?

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I woke up Sunday morning mad at the world. Saturday night i went to a dinner party that consists of my grief group. Even though we dont get together for sessions anymore we do get together for socializing every other month at someones house. Its quite nice actually. This week it was at one of the fellows that lost his wife two years ago. It was a little over a year after he lost his wife and he remarried. Not that i dont think that is ok cause the fit together perfectly. You can tell they are so in love.I just wanted my old life back waking up with Rick and our sunday routine . So sunday morning maybe i was feeling sorry for my self of just plain blue but i put it on my facebook status. My friends made me open my eyes that i was doing ok and if i hadnt had the last two years i would have no beautiful grandsons and another grand baby on the way in March. Here is how the conversation went.

    • Mrs.B wishing that the last two years was just a dream and I could wake up anytime now.
      y-2LR9eyI1L.gifLike · · Sunday at 9:45pm via mobile
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      • 274037_1052515969_684565_q.jpgVicki What with that, if that was the case you would have Sid.Sunday at 10:00pm · Like
      • 274934_641220224_3224786_q.jpgMrs.B Yes u are right vicki. there has been many good things in the last fwo years also. I tend to forget.Sunday at 10:58pm · Like · 1 person
      • 187450_640895733_1210094_q.jpgRobin Must be your age..forgetting..Sunday at 11:38pm · Like · 1 person
      • 273896_100000680510728_6416721_q.jpgMatthewThen there would be no Max.Yesterday at 6:05am · Like
      • 274037_1052515969_684565_q.jpgVicki ya what was she thinking No Wed suppers with girls, wouldn't have a new car or new couch, no road trip s....etc!!!!! Yesterday My best friend inboxed me a message and she hit the nail on the head . Does anybody else go through this feeling blue or sorry for themselves?
        • Vicki
          • Are you feeling sorry for yourself. or are just down in the blue.


          How well my good friend knows me. She even came over to the house to ask me what was going on with me. I told her i was over it and it was just a sunday morning blue.

          Thanks for letting me do some venting. Mrs. B



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Mrs. B,

I think your feeling sad (or some would call it sorry for yourself) is a natural reaction to seeing someone in your grief group remarried and happy. That would surely make me feel sad and lonely. I truly think it was just a natural reaction. I feel sad and lonely just seeing an older couple walking together esp holding hands as Bill and I always held hands. Always ok to vent here...always. Mary

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I think you're right...I try to avoid comparisons so I don't feel sorry for myself but I think all of us do at times, it's just natural. When you see someone else's life going right sometime you wonder how come yours never seems to. I'm sorry you've been feeling this way, I think it's to be expected sometimes though.

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