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Traces Of You


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Traces of You

Was it all a dream?

Did you really exist?

It all went so fast. Was it real?

I see your pictures on the refrigerator door.

Your clothes in the closet.

The grandfather clock you made.

Your tools in the basement.

Your poems…my memories.

You must have been here.

Were they real?

Did I dream those incredible years?

A dream…now a nightmare

That I live each day.

I remember waiting for you…

I dreamed for years of you

coming into my life.

And then, one day, you did!

Our joy was endless.

Our love so deep.

Twin flames, one soul, hearts beating as one.

Oh, we had our squabbles now and then,

And we always knew we loved deeply

We always quickly found each other’s hand

Through each trial and each joy,

Each moment.

Now I wait again

The shock of your absence ambushing me daily.

Each one grabbing me…as if a first…

Jolting me.

Robbing me of breath

Stopping my heart.

There is so much I miss.

So indescribable.

I cannot count the ways.

No one can understand my pain, my loss

Only you would know what we no longer have.

The joy, the intimacy, the oneness.

And so I wait again, trying to find purpose

as I wait

To be with you

where our joy will finally be endless.

9-4-11 mfh

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I can feel your love and your pain in this.

Thank you for sharing, MFH.

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