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Happy Harvest Everyone. I wish everybody a peaceful road to recovery, and the ability to find even small joy, admist thier grief.

I just wanted to mention, that since joining, I have noticed, a lack of participation. I wonder if this is usually the case, or if it just that we are all in the intial stages of raw grief, which prevent us from sharing? I know, that I am sometimes, a hermit, an emotional ostrich. At the slightest, inkling of pain, I hide it away, I put it back in the recesses of my life. I was hoping that this forum would be a catalyst to enable me to share. I a little discouraged by the fact, that I don't see many responses.

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Hello, Mir ~ Lest you continue to feel discouraged, I want to respond to your observation that our site lacks the level of participation and is not as active as you had hoped. Having served as the moderator of our site for the past eight years, I can tell you that the level of activity varies over time, depending on a number of different factors. Some forums, for example, are more active than others, and some members are more verbal than others. Because new members are joining all the time, the "flavor" of each forum changes over time, too, depending on the makeup of the group.

It also depends on how you define "active." Many members (and guests) come here just to read, and rarely if ever post a response. Sometimes members have neither the time nor the energy to construct a post, but that does not mean they are not present. If you take a look at the number of "Views" in the "Stats" column that appears when you click on any given forum, you'll get an idea of how many people are reading what is posted here. Under "Our Board Statistics" at the base of the main page, note the "Online At Once Record" number (45 people were on the site all at the same time on November 3!) which gives you another idea of how many people are "lurking" in the background at any given time. Notice some of the other stats you'll find at the base of our main page, too (e.g., "active users in the past 30 minutes;" "show by last click or member name"), all of which tell you that, at any point in time, several people are "on" the site, whether or not they are responding with a post of their own.

As I said in another post, sometimes it takes a while for members to respond, and this could be due to any number of reasons. So I hope you won't stay discouraged, and that you'll decide to stay with us ~ because I think you'll like it here!

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This forum is a great place to share things. Just think that something you write could have an impact on people which is good. Sometime all they want is to read something and feel comforted by it!

I would reply to things, but I can never think of anything to say.

I come on here every night on my mobile phone and read things, its now my bedtime routine!!!

As Marty says, I think you'll enjoy it too :-)


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Hi Pmpupdamike

Yes, I am guilty of not being "active" sometimes holding back wondering if my response may hurt instead of helping others. But I do come to hov every day to find solace that this is the site which started my journey to keep my best friend Dabby "active" every day.

We are all here.


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Thank you all for your insight. I think, I am feeling a little lonely, and hoped that through this catalyst, I would be able to express some of the issues I am currently facing. I do like this board, very much in fact. I like the languid nature of its responses, because they come across as sincere, and heartfelt.

I think a part of me, felt a little dis-connected when I didn't see many interact with me. I do understand however, that we are all here for the same reasons, albeit sad. I did not mean, my observation as a critique, rather, it was an expression of the loneliness I feel. I do look forward to future conversations. Thank you again!

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