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This morning as my son was packing to go on his elk hunting trip, he found a pair of new insulated Army pants, lined with wool with cinch-ankles, exactly his size, with the tags still on them. They were rolled up in a plastic bag in his room; he asked me where they came from and all of a sudden I remembered George buying them a few months ago "because he thought Paul would like them"...not for a birthday present or a Christmas present, but "just because". We both lost it and I cried all the way to work and even after I got there. My son is so amazed at this wonderful man that was his stepdad, how good he was at knowing just what a person would like...when he died, I found a note in his wallet of ideas to buy people. He was just so sweet and thoughtful! He left such huge shoes to fill...there just is no one like him. How do you move on when such a gap as this is left? This week is tough, our anniversary is Oct. 19, Wed., and I am so scared of how I am going to do it...my birthday was hard enough. I hope that man knows how much we love him, and always will.

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Oh, KayC...it's like a whisper from George...saying I Love You. Love is something we feel but can't touch. Just like our loves we can feel but can not touch right now. George knows...he always knew. I wake each morning seeing Gene's smile then a moment later another day without him begins. It's just so hard for all of us. But no one here is alone and I always think of you, WaltC, Spela...all struggling through each new day. So many firsts ahead of us all. I wish I had something to say that could make the coming "first" better for you. I look at our wedding photo and think " The beginning of a wonderful miracle" I was blessed..we all were blessed. Now we wait on the next miracle....it's not over!

KayC, you've been such a wonderful friend and I thank you.

One day closer Gene!

Always Gene!


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It's so crazy! I couldn't stand looking at all of our pictures surrounding me so I took most of them down...only to miss them and put them back up the next day! I wish I knew how to survive this, what to do. It is weird, I don't hear from most of his friends, but one of them has been there since the beginning, checking on me, encouraging me, we talk daily now. The rest, they dropped off the face of the earth. My church has been wonderful, some ladies come up for stamping once a week, and I know it's just their way of getting me interested in something, getting my mind off of things, being there for me. A couple of other ladies call me and invite me over for dinner, lunch, or just to visit, they've been really great. And my daughter comes up about once a week, that really helps, and my sister usually gets together with me for dinner once a week. If I had to stay alone in my house all day I'd go over the edge!

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