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Has anyone here re-read their posts from the time they came aboard and joined the this site up until the present time? I have to say that it was heart wrenching for me to do so, but at the same time enlightening. I have followed through on the advice that many of you kind members have provided. Seeking therapy, talking out my loss, grieving, forgiving and understanding. So many good people with similar stories to share. I have to say I sounded like a maniac ranting and not making any sense with all the drama that was surrounding me, still those of you who could see that pain helped me get through it. I see the days of dispare and days I did not think I would make it to another day turn around to go on. If you havent had an opportunity, go back and read your own posts. While it is painful it is a way to see how far you have come and to know that life does indeed go on.


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I have done that, gone back and read the early days. It's enlightening to see how far we've come, and remember the initial shock, the frantic feelings, the fear, the extreme pain, etc. This place has truly been a lifesaver to me.

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I have gone back and re-read my posts. I agree with Kay, it was good for me to see how far I have come. What was surprising to me was at the beginning I have no memory of writing some of my posts. Some of them were very scary to me because they didn't even seem as if it was me.

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