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Gene I miss you so much! I love you my darling!

The need to see and touch my children gave me the strength to take this long two weeks of traveling to get to them. I needed to cry with them, to listen to each talk about the important memories they have with their Dad. I needed to look at our grandchildren to see the parts of Gene they carry with them....little looks, little actions, little sneezes. But nothing fills the empty places. Nothing ever will. The light of my life isn't here with me and as a song says there's nothing left but "love in the dark".

I finally dreamed last night. I watched as Gene told me he knew he couldn't stay...I saw the sadness on his face. I watched myself let him go again. But as hard a dream it was I could nearly feel myself touch him again. I'll breathe again today and count another day gone to be one day nearer to Gene again. And in two days I'll gather up my courage to make the long drive home. Home where I feel my love the most.

Always Gene!


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Gene's mate

It's good to see your posts again - you are missed here!

I do hope that your visit with your children and grandchildren has given you some renewed strength. I know all too well the empty feeling that will never be filled for me.

Please have a safe trip home and let us know when you arrive. I am sure your darling Gene will be riding with you to ensure your well-being until such time as you can see him again.

For myself, joining Jeannie can't happen too soon, but I will not take any action to shorten the time. I wouldn't want my Jeannie to be upset that I didn't follow her wishes.

Gene's love follows you wherever you go, but I do understand why home is where you feel the love the most. smile.gifsmile.gif

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I wish I could dream about George but I have nothing. If I could just talk to him anything...but there's nothing.

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