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Has anyone felt signs? Before my brothers death I did not believe in anything like that. I thought desperate minds can interpret any coincidence into a "sign". My brother and I grew up in the early 90s in New York. We both loved rap music and performed for our parents. We both loved Notorious BIG. Anyways there is a song that Puff Daddy made for Notorious BIG after he passed away called Ill be missing you. Its an old song, everyone has heard it at some point. In the past seven months I have heard it probably 50 times. I was alone the day I got the call and I heard it. The first trip home to see my parents I heard it. I used to cry in my car on my lunch break (still do somedays) and I would hear it. The last time was about a week ago my parents and I were talking about signs. I got into the car to drive home and something made me switch the radio station and it was on. It was the first time I smiled and dint cry and acknowledged maybe it is him. Does anything like this happen for anyone else and what do you think of it? Im afraid to tell anyone, I dont know if they will believe me, think Im crazy or pity me.

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I have felt signs too. When my husband David and I got married which we both said that we would not ever do that again it was on the beach in Florida. I found a dime. I told him that it was sign from my dad. He would always give me noney when I was a kid. When my husband knew that he was losing the fight to cancer he told me that he would send me quarters. I find them all over the place. When I find them I say, " Thank you David for watching over me." I keep them in a angel fountian that I have at my bedside. Funny I just find dimes and quarters only. I WILL NOT spend them. So my advice to you is to embrace the signs and say something to your loved one. Some of my good friends say that they have found quarters too and say "Hello to him or Miss you.

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I find pennies around my house. My husband and I use to joke that my dad was leaving them after he passed away. My mother died in a nursing home and I had to go back to her room the next day. On the floor next to where her bed had been was a penny. My dad had been there for her.

My husband passed away 20 months ago and he was not going to be out done by dad, so he also leaves quarters. My daughter, grandson and I have all found quarters

that we attribute to my husband letting us know he is with us.


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