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Dear People,

I'm so sorry for the last post. I am heartbroken, and we all, all of us here, know that how one handles grief defines one's character. I didn't know how little character I had until I lost my mother, lost my family, lost my connection to some larger family of decent human beings. I'm sorry.


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Greta, my dear, there is no need to apologize. I'm so sorry to learn that you're feeling so lost, and my heart goes out to you. Please know that however disconnected you feel, you've certainly not lost your connection with all of us here. I know from reading some of your earlier posts that you have (or have had) a therapist with whom you are (were) working ~ Is that a source of support for you at this time? Please know that we are still here for you, we hear your voice, and we are listening . . .

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You already deleted your post before I got to read it. Don't feel you need to apologize...or delete your post. This is the one safe place we can go and be heard. There are people here listening and caring. Please post whenever you want and know you won't be judged for however you're feeling. We've been the whole gamut of feelings...

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