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What Happens When You Bury Grief?


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What happens when you bury grief?

Or does it dig a grave of its own?

Do you have to dig so deep,

That in the process you lose your soul?

Will it rest in peace, will it die a death

As painful as it’s made you?

And with its final dying breath

Will peace finally come to you?

What happens when you bury grief?

…will it call you on the phone?

In the voice of a friend, or the hand of a thief

Will you deal with it all alone?

Will it come back to haunt your dreams

For as long as you shall live?

Or will it finally rest in peace-

Will it finally learn to give?

What happens when you bury grief

Does it simply disappear?

Will it ever seem so brief

That you hardly shed a tear?

Feb 16, 2009


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