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Light Up The Night Memorial Event

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My father and I attended our first Hospice Memorial event earlier this month and I was very impressed/overwelmed/appreciated the evenings Memorial!

I could not believe how many were in attendance!

I am still carrying the light on the necklace that was being given out..sadly the wire came out of the pendant on one end,but I still keep it in my pocket in remembrance of my mother!

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Yes it was a wonderfull event. I went for the first time last year to remember Kathy that way. I did it again this year to honor her, my dad, and both of Kathy's parents who died this year as well.

Last year I went alone and it was more sorrowfull than I thought it would be. This year though, I took my son and his family along. While I was watching the pictures, I was holding one of my grandaughters when my dad and her parents came up on both sides at the same time. It was splendid and I felt such a feeling realizing that loved ones leave and new ones come into this world. My grandaughters are three year old triplets and they keep me going sometimes when it gets rough.

Didn't it give you such a feeling to see all of the blue lights in the group?

Go again next year and get another light. I turn mine on every once in a while and think of them.

It is a truly wonderfull event and it is just one of many things Hospice does to help us all heal.

Angela loved the cookies!post-15848-0-24008500-1354542557_thumb.j

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