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Visited Hubby

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Visited Leo. They started him on Dilaudid. Because he expressed that he is in a lot of pain. Chest pain... Again, but it's pretty bad. They did a chest x-ray and he has moderate fluid in and around his lungs and around his heart. I took a little video because he was saying silly things from the medication and he was calling me sweetie again. Even though very doped up... He knew exactly who I was and wanted me there. :)

I'm posting the video. He was funny.

I don't know if it will post from iPad

No it won't post. :(

He said Sweetie, they took my panties. I said what panties? Your pink ones? He said yeah! :)

I don't know why I can't get the video to post.

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That is sweet. I'm glad he wanted you there and was calling you sweetie.

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Dear Shannon,

I am just stopping in here to send love and {{{hugs}}} for you dear heart.

Please keep resting, taking care of yourself, and getting better.

I love you and I am holding you in my heart.


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Shannon, I hope you slept well last night and continue to rest today. (TV always puts me to sleep.)

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