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Feb 2, 2008

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Thinking of you today, Deb, on this sacred anniversary of your Mom's death. She is with you in so many ways and yet like all of us, you miss her and always will.

Peace to your heart,


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I remember you posting a long time ago. It is hard losing parents, they have been there all our lives and no one else can fill their shoes. I hope this will be a good day of reflection and memories as you honor her with flowers and a visit to her grave.

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Dear Deb,

Anniversaries bring up the memories and the emptiness, the loss and the love.

It is so painful to lose our parents, who have loved us since we first drew breath, and probably before that. :) I hope you have some wonderful memories and photos to cherish and sustain you today.

Blessings and Peace to your Heart,


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