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For those interested in providing end-of-life/true hospice care for their animals (and not euthanizing in too much haste before your animal companion feels really "ready" to go), here's a replay of an interview with the wonderful Dr. Ella Bittel, holistic DVM, hosted by Dr. Karen Wyatt, MD, Hospice Physician, Spiritual Teacher and creator of End-of-Life University, plus a link to the University's own site:

Replay (only) of past live event here:


End-of-Life University site -- "Resources & Inspiration for End-Of-Life," including the above interview, plus other interviews, and more:


In preparation for this interview, Dr. Bittel had learned about Dr. Wyatt’s canine companion, Cougar. After Dr. Wyatt caring for him at home during the final stage of his life and it becoming a full-time task over several days, it became evident he was in discomfort and required medical attention. The vet who came to the house had only one suggestion -- euthanasia. The way the procedure unfolded left Dr. Wyatt and her husband deeply disturbed, with the strong sense that their canine family member had not been quite ready yet.

"Having provided comfort from pain to countless dying humans, Dr. Wyatt was so relieved to hear from Ella that the same can be provided for animals. This lifted deep long time feelings of regret over how Cougar left this world that had yielded in the resolution to never again have another animal family member."

Quote from Dr. Wyatt herself:
“I wish with my entire heart that I had met you many years ago and had learned from you how to keep Cougar comfortable at the very end. But I am grateful that I can share this information with others and help them and their pets through this process.“

May this info similarly help others during, or more ideally, well ahead of end-of-life issues, in providing continuing education and resources to deal more effectively with any other furbabies' eventual transitions with greater understanding, knowledge, and increased confidence. :wub:

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Thank you, Maylissa, I will listen to this tomorrow. This will be helpful to many of us here!

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Our friends in Indiana had a lovely golden lab, Phoebe. She had cancer and was on pain medication. She lived much longer than everyone originally thought until the night that she woke my friend Betty up in the night and Betty realized that Phoebe was ready to go. They put her to sleep that morning. This was several years ago.

Then I'd say that it was a week or two before Ric's death; he had a dream that he saw Phoebe in heaven. It really touched him so that he said to me "I saw Dave and Betty's dog last night in my dreams". I told Betty that and it really touched her heart that their dog was in heaven.

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Thanks - I look forward to taking time to listen to the discussion.

Were it only possible I'd have done hospice time with my Gb .

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