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The Nightmares

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I lost my dad a little over two years ago. He was the one person in my life that was my ally. While we didn't always agree on things, I knew that in my family he would always stick up for me in the end. The day I lost him, I lost my best friend. He died suddenly at the age of 56 from a brain aneurysm. I received the news by phone on that mothers day from my grandfather, (my dad's dad), that he had collapsed in the shower. I called my mom from there and she told me that my dad was gone. Those where her exact words. I fell to the floor in sobs. Despite the progress I feel I have made in the grieving process of the last couple years with my counselor, the nightmares persist. The attempts to get to him and not able to. The ones where he feels so alive and real, only to wake up and remember that he is no longer here. I can't seem to escape these. I try to find ways to honor his memory, such as learning to play the guitar, his favorite instrument. Or creating a website for bereaving individuals who have lost a parent and a facebook page. Hoping some how I will be one step closer to closure. Yet these nightmares make it as though I am reliving his loss all over again and I feel like I am right back to where I started. If only the nightmares would disappear, maybe I could find my way to the next place of peace in my grief.


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I am so sorry for all of your losses, it's very hard to have one after another like that. I hope you continue to read and post here and find comfort and encouragement as you do so.

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