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Has anyone ever used a psychic or "communicator" to get in touch with their

deceased cat or dog? I know this sounds crazy or maybe silly. So called

psychics claim to know about your cat or dog even over the phone or without

even seeing their home, so it is not clairvoyance. I wonder if it is true.

On the Internet many psychics are in business for this. Is it a scam or merely

wishful thinking?

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I just went to one yesterday. My dog killed my cat and I am in desperate need to know that my cat forgives me and that she is alright. I paid $80 for a half an hour and I feel I got ripped off. I still believe in pet psychics but there are a lot of scammers out there. I bought this book called Animals and the Afterlife, it's a great book. The author talks about her experiences with pet psychics and talks to other pet owners that have been in communication with their pets after they die, I recommend that you read this book. I wish I could figure out a way to find a legit pet psychic, I am going to keep trying to find one and will travel a long distance to meet with the person. Good luck to you and if you find a good pet psychic, please let me know.

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