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Reflections for a Grieving Heart


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Reflections for a Grieving Heart ~ compiled from the many resources that helped me along my way after the death of my beloved husband, Jim, in May of 2012.

1) How to Meditate in One Minute by Marty Boroson


2) Excerpts from Oriental Sunrise music by Riley and Gabriel


3) Asking for Nothing and Receiving Everything


4) The Secret of Healing (Enlightenment) by Deepak Chopra


5) The Way of Awaking by Alan Watts 


6) 5 Ways meditation makes you kinder by Ed and Deb Shapiro


7) A heart that is ready for anything by Tara Brach


8) From Bill’s Mary posted on grief healing discussion groups ~ March 21, 2014

“A site I posted a long while back but which is excellent and very simple. Go to CALM On the left side, click on the clock and then on the amount of time you want your meditation/relaxation to last (2 to 20 minutes). Then go to the bottom right to the arrows and click the right arrow until you come to the scene/music you want. Then sit back and relax as it carries you. You can add in a guided meditation on the left if you choose. I keep this in my bookmark bar so I can go to it often.”

9) Mindfulness and Bereavement found on Open to Hope ~ posted by Marty, November 26, 2013, on our grief healing discussion groups’ site.


10) Meditation: Helpful to Those Who Grieve ~ by Marty


11) My Sedona, AZ by Davidji posted on November 3, 2014, ~ drop down to the last post on the page to view this one.


12) Breath by Mike Roland


13) Self-forgiveness by Jack Kornfield


14) Ho'oponopono - Feel it! ~ I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, and I love you ~ by Marty


15) Your Steady Soul / to the music ~ What a Wonderful World ~ The book Your Steady Soul is written by a new author, Leta  B.


16) May I accept my sadness…by Joan Halifax


17) Being Grateful ~ A Good Day by Br. David Steindl-Rast















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