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So, I'm Going to Therapy

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My name is Diana. I lost my dad about a year and a half ago. My life changed dramatically after my dad's sudden death. I dropped out of school and I isolated myself from friends and family. I already had an ongoing issue with anxiety but since then my emotions have been out of control and I've had severe panic attacks. However, life seems to be getting better for me. I've recently gotten married, enrolled in classes, and I started a part time job. Tomorrow I will be going to an orientation for a grief support group and I also started seeing a therapist. I hope this time I will get the help I truly need. I long put off professional help because I didn't want the financial burden. I now realize I need this and cost is not a factor anymore. I do not want to put any more strain on my relationships. 

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It sounds like it's taken you some time to realize some truths...that you are important enough to place priority on your needs and get the help you need, also to make good decisions for yourself.  I'm glad your life is going in the direction you'd like it to go. I'm sorry you lost your dad...I lost my mom a year ago in August.  For myself I think it was a little easier because I'm older and she was 92, it was expected and she looked forward to being released (she had Dementia & Leukemia).  Still, it hits sometimes at unexpected times, you wish they were here and we are forced to wait for that someday when we can be together again.

Good luck with your marriage, job, schooling, therapy,and your grief support group.  All are positive steps in continuing living your life, which I'm sure your dad would want you to have.

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