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Happy Valenties Day - Jack

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In memory of my Dear Jack – on this Valentines Day – I wish to post the following poem/song that I wrote for him – Its called “What The Heart Knows”.

Here it is for you my sweet Love ------- Love never dies!

“What The Heart Knows”

We met in October of seventy-eight

Physical attraction - and “mental mates”

Opposite sometimes – each one so strong

When blended together - a beautiful song

Italian the life blood that moved through our veins

The Land of Lovers and Villas and Lanes

Parma and Tuscany – trade makers sons

Had created two children from the Roman ones’


Family traits repeat and show

Young and on fire – “The Heart Knows”

The first years exciting – romantic and wild

Passionate lovers – no room for the mild

Years would do nothing to put out the flame

We burned with such passion - some envied our claim


Family traits repeat and show

Strong with heritage – “The Heart Glows”

Destiny moved us from hometowns - to West

Success always followed – you never could rest

Patiently seeking and crafting a life

Creating a home full of laughter - no strife


Family traits repeat and show

Sure of the future – “The Heart Grows”

For years we would toil creating our space

Unaware of the destiny with Cancers face

On the verge of triumph - one step form the wire

The angels would grab you – and leave me on fire


Family traits repeat and show

Bleeding and broken – “The Heart Unfolds”

In memories playground – you’re strong and tall

Gone is the weakness – the blindness - and all

Gone are false visions – delusions you saw

Replaced by the memories - of strong and tall

Caught in a nightmare - you physically gone

I find you at slumber - your smile still on

I see you in granddaughter’s eyes, ears, and souls

Death Cannot Steal – “What The Heart Knows”

Copywright John R. Davis 12/19/05

John - Dusky is my handle on here

Love you Jack

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What a wonderful tribute to your Jack. The last line is so beautiful. We can all relate to it. "Death cannot steal "What the heart knows"" I do believe that Jack is smiling down on you right now...


Love ya Tom,

Your Bebekat

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It sounds like you had a beautiful relationship and life together. You've created a wonderful tribute to him.

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