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Amy Wamy

New Topic Idea!

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Hello everyone! 


This forum is such a great, supportive place for anyone to come and talk about difficult times in their lives, and feel a little bit less alone. One thing that is quite apparent, to Shari and I, is that there isn’t a dedicated space for young people to go and discuss grief and living life without certain people, with other young people. Marty has mentioned before that she has tried something like that on this forum before, but it didn’t get used that often, so it was taken down. I think that it should return, despite how many people use it, because it’s nice to know something exists. 

Now, I’m 23 and I have no immediate family except for my Grandmother, as my Mum passed 8 years ago and my Dad didn’t want anything to do with me. I know that many of you might be able to understand that, but I would love to know that I’m not alone with my situation. I want to know how other people that are a similar age to me, are getting on with life after a significant loss. If you know me from my posts on here in the past, just know that your support was/is really appreciated! 

So, how does everyone feel about the possibility of adding another topic on the front page under “Grief and Loss” titled something like “Young People Dealing with Loss”? It could be shared, along with the forum itself of course, all over the internet as young people tend to frequent social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; I’m sure there are plenty of young people that would welcome a space like this online. 

Anyway, thank you for reading! 


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I agree this would be helpful, even if it isn't used often.  Other forums have sections that aren't used often, but sometimes just reading another person's story can bring relief in those moments when we feel so alone.  I think this is great and should be added and left in place even if it isn't posted on much!  Why get rid of it if even a few grievers find it helpful in their time of need?!

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