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  1. Gin, I'm so sorry for your loss and for what your poor brother is going through. I hope his daughters will be able to make living arrangements for him. I hope your son will take your advice and get proper care for his leg. Thinking of you.
  2. Give me small peaks anyday. Well, not now,but way back when. Climbing so high that you need oxygen or free solo, I just don't get, but we're all different. We did have fun wilderness hiking or offroading to new places. Would probably still be offroading if I could afford the gas. How are you feeling, Gwen? Any improvement in the fluid situation or possibility of going home? Hope the snow is not too bad when you do leave.
  3. I was perusing an article in the AARP newspaper which said that some scientists have determined that loneliness is now a disease which causes all sorts of maladies, both mental and physical. Duh! What was their first clue? I sure was in better health before Ron died. I probably took better care of myself. I had a reason to. My mental and physical energy have been zapped. Most days, my attitude is "Why bother". I don't think there is an instant fix for this "new" disease.
  4. Gwen, I have been waiting for your update, hoping you were just busy resting. My heart hurts for you. You will ALWAYS matter. It took 8 days to diagnose my Aspergillus and forever to get any strength back. Maybe they have not given you enough time to heal or maybe it is time for a 2nd or 3rd opinion. Even with Aspergillus and COPD, I have never been put on oxygen. I have learned to live with the shortness of breath and dizziness. No more wilderness hiking for this girl. LOL I have never quit smoking which may get me in the end. I am not sure how you stay sane through all of this. I only know it is hell to get old and have to adapt to all these changes. I know you are horribly depressed, but I also know you have a strong will to live even if you do not feel it. You want to get back home and take care of your fur babies and your home. You can bet they miss you and wonder where you are. You are their Mom! Keeping you close to my heart. Love, Karen
  5. Dogs are so funny. Our two know that when I remove my glasses, I'm either going to bed or to shower. They promptly trek down the hall into the bedroom and lay down. I call them my "shower guards".
  6. Connor's Mom, I'm so very sorry. Your Connor looks so much like our Mickey that we had to let go when he was 14. Perhaps they have found each other in "Rainbow Heaven". He was my constant shadow. I couldn't even go to the bathroom alone. In time, I hope your pain will subside. Black Labs are such wonderful dogs.
  7. Kay, I think it's priceless and very much "on the money" sometimes. Going from a productive person to feeling somewhat useless is a hard pill to swallow.
  8. Kay, I'm so very sorry. Sometimes we just have to let them go. When Batman started going downhill, he would hide in various places and not come out when called. Then he started pooping next to the litter box instead of in it. I'm sure he was confused. I took him to the vet in the middle of the night as he was having trouble breathing and she said the kindest thing was to let him go. He was Ron's buddy. In the last photo I have of Ron(3 months before he died), they are together on the couch. So very sad. Thinking of you.........
  9. Gwen, so sorry you are back in your favorite place...NOT...but glad they caught this early. Pneumonia is nothing to mess with! Glad you have your phone or tablet to talk to us. I know how lonely it must feel. I felt like I was on another planet when I was stuck in the hospital in Ky. Glad my SIL brought me his laptop to talk to you guys here. Kept me sane, sort of. Keep us posted. We love you.
  10. Dee, I think you're right about Asian Pear. Sounds familiar. Time to drag out the old butterfly net and get that butterfly off that tree. Ooops! Ron grew up a coal miner's son in the W. Va. hills. Times were very hard and they hunted for survival. He loved to hunt and we always ate what was killed. No trophy hunting except for a HUGE set of elk antlers from one our son killed. He was a much better all around cook than I am. He enjoyed cooking and I don't. That being said Marg, I will try cooking apples. Already found a recipe online. What kind of apples do you use? For me Marg, talking about things like this is part of the healing process. It gives us a chance to remember our loved ones as they once were and maybe not shed a tear.
  11. I have eaten deer, elk, javelina, and bear, none of which I would want a steady diet of. I could not bring myself to eat squirrel or dove, just too cute and tiny. Elk is the least wild tasting. Bear is greasy. I was married to a hunter. I wish I had teeth that could eat apples. Some of them sound very good. We used to get some kind of Japanese fruit that was like an Apple/Pear, sort of a brown color. Very good, but expensive. Would only buy a couple. Can't remember the name, but got them at Fry's(which is Kroeger).
  12. Dearest Katie, It is nice to hear from you. No need to apologize for not posting. You are busy trying to live this "new" life you have been thrust into. I understand about leaving people behind. It's as if you are watching them recede in the rear view mirror all the while knowing you must continue forward. I hope one day soon you will be able to see the sunshine again. Peace to you.
  13. Kay, carry a big purse and plop Kodie in it. It seems to be the fashionable thing to do. LOL
  14. Ana, so sorry to hear about your father and all the stress you are having. And, Kay, your poor daughter. I hope this guy just gets on down the road. How very unfeeling he is. My Xmas went well. Just spent the day watching some really dumb movies on the free channel. Just another day in paradise. LOL My son got me this Kindle as I read so much. Will take a lot of getting used to as I do not even use a cell phone, much less a smartphone. Technology rules, I guess.
  15. Kay, you quoted something I said on Sunday afternoon when we were discussing looking for a new companion. Just thought I'd let you know where you saw it.
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