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  1. Kay, so sorry you are facing yet another weather challenge. Sure hope you can get supplies into your area. Saw pictures on the internet and it looks awful. We are twins again! I have 12 teeth left, but will be losing one more that has broken off. I've always taken care of my teeth, but they have sure not returned the favor. Will go back in 3 weeks to be measured for a partial that can be added to, if necessary. The pain has eased a bit, but I look kind of like a werewolf now. lol Guess that's fitting as wolves are my favorite animal. Will definitely not be going out anywhere until I'm presentable.
  2. CairnLady, My daughter lived near Glasgow, Ky out in the country. Such a beautiful green place, but oh so humid in summer and icy cold in winter. I have been there many times. Darrel, Wishing you the best in your move. Third times the charm, you know so maybe the hurricanes will leave you alone. I was born in Houston, but have not been there since I was about 5 years old when we moved to dusty west Texas.
  3. I read the "Two Women" book yesterday. Thought it was pretty good. We all do what we have to do to survive. Have been dreading the extraction of my 4 front bottom teeth, but decided I had to bite the bullet and get them out. Constant infections and getting worse over time. Been waiting for 3 months for my insurance to respond to the dentist with their estimate of a partial, but couldn't wait any more. Just got back from the dentist. Hurt like hell to get the gum shots, but I survived. Every tooth extraction makes me think of poor Ron having 13 teeth pulled in one day. He was so much stronger than I will ever be.
  4. Marg, I picked up "Two Old Women" at the library today. Plan to start it when I finish my current murder mystery. I read about 30 different authors, so I jump around a lot. As we get older it is scary to realize that we are not immortal. I probably never thought much about that until I lost Ron and Debbie. The problem with my heart is not hearing it beat, but with how it beats hard enough to shake me sometimes when I lie down. I seem to "work" in reverse. My BP goes up when I lie down, instead of down. But, I've been all checked out and stamped "acceptable", so ......... I'm sure a lot of it has to do with only sleeping around 4 hours at a time. I have yet to figure out how to stay asleep.
  5. Johnny, Your memory of dancing with Rene'e is beautiful and special. It is memories like those that help us find our way.
  6. Kay, You have so eloquently expressed what many of us are feeling. Each of us feel a love and a loss that extends over time.
  7. I am very proud of you, Maryann! You have come so far. I hope life is treating you well.
  8. Johnny, I am so very sorry for your loss. I understand how devastated you must feel and what a "slap" it must have been to see that wheelchair. The night I took my husband, Ron to the hospital for the last time, we had just received a delivery of medicines and IV equipment prescribed by the hospital he was discharged from just 5 hours before("We think that the Sepsis is gone,but just in case it's not, give him all this medicine...........") Long story short, after 6 months of procedures done and redone and medical errors following his cancer diagnosis, his poor body and soul said "Enough". Following an aspiration into his lungs, he was put on life support. He could not recover and a few days later, I was responsible for removing the life support from the man I had been married to for over 40 years. I felt guilty beyond belief, unbearable anger against the medical profession and totally destroyed. A year later, I watched my daughter die after a long, vicious battle with cancer. I did not think that the pain could get worse, but it did. For a time, I think I lost my mind. I did things that were costly and illogical without thinking, not like me at all. It was the only way I could temporarily escape the pain. That was 6 years ago. There are still days where it is a challenge to want to remain a part of the human race. The horrible memories are burned into my brain, just as the good ones are. As time passes, those good memories will trample the bad. Grief has no expiration date. You will simply grieve until you don't anymore. It does not mean that you love the person less. I think it just moves to the back burner of your brain. Sorry to be so long winded. Just know that whatever you are feeling is normal. Each of us has felt it and we remain here to support you in any way needed. Karen
  9. As Kieron said, it's the "Almighty Dollar". Another new label to create a malady that can be miraculously cured by yet another new pill. I watch a lot of TV and at least once a day there is another new pill on the market that is unfamiliar, each with side effects far worse than the condition it "cures". Time has no meaning in grief. After six years, the pain in my heart and the loneliness are still almost unbearable. I don't cry much anymore, but the feeling inside is like a big lump of nothingness. What I wouldn't give to hear that crazy old fool hollering at me from the family room as he watches TV, "Did you see that ?" I never did learn how to see through these darn walls. lol My body and soul are completely wrung out and were it not for all of you here.................................... I love you.
  10. Gin, Have not heard from you in several days now and am wondering how you are feeling. Hope the incision pain has gone away and you are resting and healing well. Please check in when you can. We love you.
  11. Gwen, You are not alone. I am a "numbers" person. In my head, I retain SS #'s(mine, of course) along with Ron's and our son"s, plus various bank accts., pins, utility accts., phones, etc. You name it, it's there tucked away in the part of my brain that still functions. Yet, I can't retain the # from the caller ID two steps to the computer to check who called with the latest scam. Sometimes, I have to look three times just to check the number. So I will drool right along with you.
  12. GIn, So glad you are okay. Good that you were able to get to the doctor and that the heart problem was resolved so quickly. Hope the incision pain starts to let up soon. Please take care of yourself. We love you! Karen
  13. Marg, glad to see you're still "sittin' up and takin' nourishment", as they say. Never have figured out who "they" is. You are one busy woman. Hope you find an apartment that suits you better. Just as well you haven't unpacked all the boxes, yet. lol Keep in touch when you can. We love ya'. Karen
  14. Better yet, George. Don't show up and when she calls to find out why, tell her that you only converse with people when you can answer the phone. You don't take messages! I'm sorry that's mean, but it angers me that she treats you badly and does not appreciate you.
  15. WOW! Snowmageddon for sure! Glad you are okay, Kay. You are a pioneer woman in my eyes. Thanks for the shout out, Marty. Can you find Marg for us, now? Sure hope she is okay, also.
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