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  1. Kay, We are upside down, for sure! It has been in the 70's here since the storm system arrived(about forty degrees below normal). It's been raining intermittently since Thurs. night's havoc. Lots of damage, flooding and road closures. Unfortunately, there will always be a few idiots who think they can drive through the raging waters. They drive around the barriers and have to be rescued. I think this system is clearing out by Sun. night. Then back to the stifling heat.
  2. Crazy night here! Just had a real "gully washer" come through. Poured heavy for about an hour, non stop lightning, and the loudest thunder I think I've ever heard. Lost power. Probably commonplace for a lot of you, but rare for us in Phoenix area. Would bet there is a lot of flooding and damage. My backyard is a small lake. This is what is known as our "monsoon season". Doesn't usually produce this kind of rain.
  3. Sears would have fixed it for free if they ever bothered to show up. I have yet to receive their email telling me when they are scheduled to arrive. It is just too hot to wait for them. Our heat is 24/7 until Oct. It took 10 hours to cool the house back down. It was way more expensive than I thought it would be. I'm sure I was scammed on some of the stuff the guy did, but not being mechanically inclined at all, I didn't know. If Robert had been awake, he would have declined some stuff, I'm sure. AC companies kind of have us by "the short hairs" during summer. When Sears finally shows up, I'll have them check the unit and see if the corroded part can be replaced. Plus, I'll ask about reimbursement.They're supposed to replace products that can't be fixed, but I expect a real fight on an AC unit. Because I live by "Murphy's Law", I'll keep their almost useless contract. I figure the next thing to go will be my almost 30 yr. old fridge.
  4. Dee, I'm a real wuss when it comes to the extreme heat. Don't know how you guys stood it without AC. Hope the worst of it is over for you. It was pretty unbearable in here, but the AC guy showed up about 1:00. He changed out several parts. The blower motor alone cost $700. Ended up costing me $1246. This is the first repair on the unit in 37 years so I guess it was due. One part that is corroded, but still functioning is no longer available. If that quits, it means a new unit to the tune of $9000 which I sure don't have. Finally starting to cool down so I'm going to bed.
  5. AC quit at 4 AM. Was 90 at 7:30 with 3 fans running. Called Sears. Waste of time. Was told they are upgrading their system and couldn't make appt. Someone would email me within 24-48 hours with appt. time and day. Have heard that song and dance before. Can't wait around for them to get off their ass. Called an AC repair that's coming out today. Kind of ironic that the main reason I pay Sears $1000 every year is in case the AC goes out. Have been up all night. No idea when I can get some sleep.
  6. Well, go figure. It's no hotter than normal here(about 110 today) and my AC started screeching and rattling really loud today. Maybe your PNW heat wave is sending a message or maybe because the unit is 37 years old. Will be calling repair tomorrow. Robert says it sounds like a bearing. Not good, I imagine. Hope there's no wait for parts or we'll be in a motel.
  7. Not laughing at you guys at all! Although it is much more humid here than it was years ago due to tons of swimming pools and a zillion golf courses, I'm sure it doesn't compare to your humidity. Plus AC is a given, here in the Southwest and we're not outside much. Makes you wonder how the early settlers survived. I remember it being in the 90's in KY, like a sauna and I couldn't breathe outside. The kiddie pool idea sounds like a good one.
  8. ECR, Hope will help you on this treacherous journey through grief. It will walk beside you as we all will. It will allow you to slowly make your way out of the deep dark hole you are in and see the sunshine again and in time it will help you adapt to this future you never planned. I'm so very sorry for the loss you and your little one have suffered. May you find peace in your soul.
  9. My accomplishments for the day were washing 3 throw rugs and fixing dinner. Felt like I'd run a marathon. Just so little energy. I was always so meticulous and organized about everything. I hate that it's become "hit and miss", but it's the best I can do and I don't even have the pain you do. I guess I just hate getting old. I think in order to keep a routine in these times, you would have to be a true hermit. As long as others are involved in your daily activities, there's always the possibility of something changing. I hope you get your dishwasher fixed without delay. It's so nice to finally have mine working again. I don't file federal returns, but my state return usually processes in a couple of weeks. This year it took 3 months. Covid did a number on everything!
  10. There's such a difference in the way each of our loved ones were treated or mistreated during their final hours. Our hospice was wonderful. A nurse stood by his bed the entire time and gave him meds if he appeared in distress at all. He just faded away and stopped breathing. The "Hospice From Hell" in Kentucky took hours to arrive when we'd call about Debbie. She was already getting morphine, fentanyl, and dilaudid while still screaming and convulsing. It was unbearable to see her suffer. You'd think there was something else they could have done. Their answer was "Call us when she dies and we'll come out". I should have simply shot them when they arrived. Gwen, to make you feel a tiny bit better, it's supposed to be 118 here tomorrow.
  11. I think bars and restaurants are open again, at least to the point of people being killed in them. That's nothing new around here, an every day occurrence. Masks are still required in some places. Except for difficulty breathing, I don't mind. It keeps me from having to wear my dentures. lol I'm one of the non vaccinated "morons" you refer to. I rarely leave my house, but wear a mask when I do.
  12. Marg, Black toes!! That's a new one. Have you maybe bumped your toes, not hard enough to cause a lot of pain, but enough to bruise? I know it takes almost nothing to put a bruise on me, another gift of old age. Made me think of the "Blue People Of Kentucky", although their blue tinged skin color was caused by a recessive gene carried by both original parents, and passed down through the generations by intermarriage due to isolation in the remote hills of Kentucky. They were shunned by " normal" people.
  13. Kay, Since everyone seems to be depending on you for answers, it might be a good idea for you to contact an attorney who handles elder law. Peggy has not been deemed legally incompetent by a court and no one should be allowed to remove anything from her home(except the spoiled food, of course). If and when she is found incompetent, I would imagine a conservator could be assigned to handle her affairs. Not a fun responsibility unless you really want it. Sending hugs!!!
  14. Wow Kay! The black cloud is definitely over you right now! I don't know much about dementia, but I do know if a person is severely dehydrated, they will act like you're describing. Surely they have checked her for that. That's crazy about your car. I wonder if they didn't tighten the filter or something. And why no warning light? Computer problem maybe? Hope there was no damage and it gets taken care of. Keep your chin up girl. Sending hugs.
  15. Dee, How perfect! Just the kind of setting I dream of. Those family get togethers were a lifetime ago, almost 60 years. You're right. Probably not the norm for current times. Sad that family time has become so unimportant. If they only knew......
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