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  1. Joyce, so sorry all this stuff has hit you, especially all at once. Glad your toe is healing. What a weird thing to happen! Hope all goes well with each of the surgeries. Take care.
  2. Guess it's my turn for dishwasher problems. Loaded it, put in soap, and it wouldn't start. Dead in the water. Have an appt. Tuesday with our favorite place, Sears. Unloaded everything and washed it all by hand. Inconvenient to say the least. lol
  3. I have a Golden Age Passport which allows my vehicle into any National Park for free. Or at least it used to. The name has been changed now and I think there may be restrictions on certain parks. It's ridiculous to have to pay to visit a National Park. Someone in government sure dropped the ball on funding for parks. I've used my pass at Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone. Don't remember visiting any others since I got it. For sure there are homeless camps in Phoenix(none here in Scottsdale). Haven't seen anything on the news here about problems with people parking on the streets.
  4. Here's one for the "STUPID" files. Take it or leave it. Phoenix mayor opened the city parks for use this weekend. Easter picnics are a big thing here. BUT.....the parking lots are closed and locked and public grills are closed to discourage park use. Even the governor thought it was stupid, but was apparently powerless to change it, so he decided to waive fees at the state parks this weekend. All well and good, but most state parks are in outlying areas. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  5. Completely different subject here, but.... I stepped outside at 2am to throw something in the recycling bucket and this really happy, totally confused bird was just singing it's little heart out in the middle of the night. Couldn't see the bird, but it sounded kind of pretty. I don't see many birds here, sometimes sparrows or doves. I remember the beautiful cardinals in Kentucky.
  6. Marg, just glad to hear from you. We worry when one of us is MIA. So very sorry to hear about Kelli and Scott. What a double whammy! Does she have a treatment plan yet? I know how hard this is for you. Reading, sleeping, watching tv, and fixing meals is about it for me too. I don't worry too much. Doesn't change anything. I try to keep in mind what Debbie wrote on a yellow sticky when she was here in 2013 to say goodbye to Ron: "Don't worry Mom. It will be OK. God is with you."
  7. Am missing her also and sure worried! Don't have her contact info. Hope she will check in.
  8. Gwen, please know that I think of you each Saturday night because I know how much it meant to you and how hard it is now. Thursday was my birthday. I didn't even realize it until my son hugged me and told me "Happy Birthday". Life just keeps passing by and I don't seem to have the energy to even wave. Don't think I'll ever get used to no phone call from my daughter. That was a great movie, a real tear jerker. I don't watch many of those. I watch a ton of movies. Watched an action movie called " Collison". Actors unknown to me, but a wild plot that really kept you going. I finally st
  9. Way to go, George! I've never used a ham radio before. We had a CB business back in the 70's. Used a big base station and mobiles. Limited mileage range unless "skip" was running and Big Brother wasn't around. It was fun talking to other people, but some could get nasty and threatening just as now on social media, I guess. I'm not on Facebook so couldn't view the video.
  10. I guess swamp coolers were adequate, but as Phoenix grew and more pools and golf courses were added, the humidity hampered the efficiency. We put in central air in 1984. Doubt they would work well at all where you live. Glad you were able to get your shot without too much trouble. Is it the 1 shot vaccine or will you need a 2nd one?
  11. WOW! A "full service"" gas station. Haven't seen one in eons, although the last one in AZ is apparently a few miles up the street. Been pumping my own gas since at least the early "70's". That's about as mechanical as I get. I'm so lucky I have the guys here to help me with things. So much I can't do anymore because of no strength or balance. It seems like just yesterday I was climbing up on the roof changing pads on the old swamp cooler. lol Now I can barely climb up on a stepstool to change a light bulb. Never gave a second thought to falling off the roof, but sure don't want to fall off th
  12. Kay, I'm so sorry. I hope little Kodie will recover quickly. How is your arm? You may have to carry pepper spray or a big stick on your walks. Sad that you live where there are bears and cougars and yet you have to protect yourselves from a mean dog. Who knows what the crazy dog was thinking? Definitely needs to be restrained. The chow next door was friendly as a puppy, but seemed to grow mean as it got older. Always barks like it wants to tear your throat out when you step outside.
  13. I finally got around to watching the Oprah "Meghan & Harry" thing just to see what all the fuss was about. IMHO, I think she's got poor Harry bamboozled and she's less than truthful. Any intelligent person who is in a serious relationship with a "royal" is going to check out the family and it's dynamics and various protocols required. Yet she said that she hadn't done any of that. Give me a break! I found the interview less than entertaining. I doubt either of them spend much time worrying about where their next meal is coming from. lol
  14. Darrel, so good to hear from you and glad that things are on the upswing. I was wondering if you were still in the Galveston area. Guess you are an Okie at heart though. I'm so sorry about your little dog. I know she was a comfort to you. Any plans for a new fur baby in the future? I hope times continue to improve for you. Stay in touch when you can.
  15. Nothing new happening in my arena. Just the same murder a day and nastiness that goes on all the time. Hurt my back somehow a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't bend over or lift anything, but it's finally better now. Just finished going ten rounds with Sears again about my water heater. It started shutting itself off again like it did last year. Same repairman came out and couldn't find the problem so he replaced the modular control panel. Didn't solve the problem. After telling them their repair service was full of $hit, they finally sent two new techs out who took it apart and discover
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