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  1. Okay, I googled it and you have given me my laugh for the day, Marg! It seems "Karen" is the moniker attached to many chain store dissatisfied middle aged women who complain to the manager. Now....I always speak to the manager if I am not in agreement about something, but I surely wouldn't throw a tantrum or sit on the dirty floor. Besides, even if the floor were clean, I'd never be able to get up again. Lol
  2. Okay Marg, I am completely lost here. What is a "Costco Karen" and where did you see it?
  3. Gwen, hope all goes well with your knee procedure. I've probably asked you this before, but do you have a handicap placard so you don't have to park far away? I must have missed your post mentioning Ally's licking her paws. Marley will lick her paws if her nails get too long. Then off to the vet for a trim. Tatum just chews hers off
  4. Wow Kay! That does not sound like fun AT ALL! I'm sure you're glad it's behind you now. Bad enough you have to worry about the back bandage without your hand being in pain too. Maybe one of your church friends could come by? I remember a dermatologist punching a hole in my arm one time for a biopsy. Didn't even warn me it was coming. Felt like I'd been shot. He's lucky I didn't punch him back.
  5. Marg, I somehow survived watching my daughter waste away for a month and then die a horrible death. Then I spent 8 miserable days in a strange hospital the sickest I've ever been. Without Ron. My grandchildren(who I don't know well due to infrequent visits) and my SIL who I barely knew were there, of course, but I felt like an outsider and so alone. I think my ex was the biggest comfort to me. Also, one of the nurses who took care of me. I cried all day, every day. It was a blessing that Ron was not there. It would have killed him. We are stronger than we think.
  6. I'll have to watch "Narnia". I've only seen pieces of it. I just check out E-books from the library one at a time and read them in my browser. My dad and I were big Trekkies(the original series) and also Perry Mason and Gunsmoke fans. He's been gone for 43 years. Oh, the good old days when life was less complicated.
  7. Hormones or not, "Outlander" is one of my favorites. A gal can still dream, can't she? I rarely read the book if I've seen the movie. That's just me. I probably won't read the "Longmire" books, but loved the series. An exception is "Riders Of The Purple Sage". Loved the book and the Ed Harris movie version. I've never read C.S. Lewis, but loved his love story in "Shadowlands". Have watched "Lord Of The Rings", but have never opened the DVDs I bought years ago. My favorite "Once" characters have to be Charming and Snow. I"'ll bet we all dream of a love like that and some here had it.
  8. If you want to escape reality for a while, try watching "Once Upon A Time". It is a 7 season series that was on ABC and now Netflix. It's very loosely based on fairy tales and Disney characters with a good vs evil theme. It helps to have a bit of your 10 year old self left somewhere inside, which apparently I do. I find it fun and enjoyable to escape the insanity of the world we live in right now.
  9. Gwen, just so sorry. My heart breaks for you.
  10. Marg, the blue wool suit and lavendar pantsuit are long gone, just as the person who wore them is. Ron and I will remain forever, just as you and Billy will. My heart is with you.
  11. I have never had a wedding dress. In 1963, I was married in a Vegas wedding chapel in a baby blue wool suit with a mink collar. I was 16. My 18 year old husband was very handsome in his suit and just as handsome the last time I saw him at our daughter's graveside. Both sets of our parents were there. No on else. The next day, he returned to his Coast Guard cutter in Calif. And I returned to high school in Az. Most likely doomed from the start but love doesn't know that. We stayed together for 8+ years. In 1972, dressed in a lavender pantsuit, I married Ron at the beautiful home of a friend. My parents, my daughter, and a couple of my friends from work were there. Forty years later, when I lost Ron and then Debbie, I gained age and health problems. Not much of a trade off, I don't think. At 73, I still have blonde hair with no gray. I have always looked younger than my age, a trait I inherited from my mother. But these old bones and sad memories know the truth, believe me.
  12. Marg, it is a beautiful love story. May tomorrow be filled with wonderful memories.
  13. Plumber charged $150 which is probably standard fee around here. He said both drains(copper)are apparently in a Y configuration with the very old lead main pipe which will easily clog. When it clogs, the washer drains to the other side of the Y and up the sink which makes sense. If it happens more frequently, there is a more expensive procedure called hydro something which shoots highly pressurized water through the lines but might be more effective. So far today, it's draining fine. Our governor is reclosing bars, theaters, gyms, and water parks for at least 30 days because of rising Covid numbers. Both you and Gwen are whirlwinds compared to me. Didn't sleep at all last night. Too much to worry about.
  14. I'm going through my yearly now(I guess) thing of having the plumber unplug my washer/utility sink drain. Still can't figure out why the washer drains into the sink and the plumber can't either, but the sink won't drain fast enough between cycles and almost runs over. There is surely something really wrong in the wall or ground which I sure can't afford to fix. I know it was not this way 30 years ago when sink was put in. You gotta love old houses. Will love it even less when I pay the plumber.
  15. Kieron, what an awful double whammy day for you. Not sure how I would have handled it, but it would definitely be a shock to the system although it's said that we all have a doppelganger. Hope the rest of your day goes more smoothly.
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