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  1. Kay, so sorry about Peggy. What a tragedy that she wouldn't seek medical help as some strokes can be stopped or reversed with medication if given soon enough(about 4 hours). I know she is a real trial for you at times.
  2. Gwen, mentioning your dad makes me think of mine. He's been gone a long time, 44 years. I was the last person he spoke to before he died. For the longest time, I had dreams of him that were so real, I almost expected him to be there when I woke. He looked his age and I remember walking and talking with him. He always seemed to be helping me in some way, just as he did in life. At the end of each visit, he would always say "You know I can't stay" and poof, the dream was over and he was gone. Not sure why our minds work this way. Maybe they come to us when we need them the most.
  3. Gwen, so sorry it didn't work out for Mel to come home. Hope your sitter finds a winning solution. My heart hurts for you.
  4. Marg, wishing you peace in your heart and soul today and every day.
  5. It's funny....I've never felt anger or abandonment, just a lot of hurt, sadness, and frustration at the unresolved issues which were never going to be resolved even after rehashing them for forty years. That sticks with me like glue and preys on my mind. Pretty stupid as he's not coming back from the grave to apologize. The loss of identity is a big thing, to go from "we" of 40 years to "I" of forever. Of course, there's the giant pain and burden of knowledge that neither he nor my daughter are ever coming back. That never goes away. You just learn to live with all of it. You have no other chouce.
  6. Gwen, maybe make a trial run of the things you do for Mel, like water, food, letting her out in the yard(unless you have a doggie door). That should give you an idea of what's coming. She will sense that you're not up to par and will probably act accordingly with lots of slobbery kisses and just be happy to be by your side. I agree it would probably be stressful for her to be boarded in a strange place. Of course, I'm not a fan of putting dogs in a cage. Maybe D could help with her for the short time your sitters are gone and if it's too much for you having her there, they can keep her a little longer when they return.
  7. Gwen, pep talk coming...........Give yourself a gentle pat on the back. You made it through today, hard as it was. You will make it through tomorrow and all the tomorrows after for as long as it takes. Remember slowly, but surely you are healing. In a couple of weeks, you may be moving a little better. Try talking to home health or the social worker about medical transport. They might have some information. Good to hear the doc is trying to help with the pain. Do you have Mel with you now?
  8. Just wanted to send good vibes and wish you luck on your appointment tomorrow. Hope the surgeon has some ideas about ending your continuous pain. Too bad the social worker didn't step up and arrange a medical transport for you. I would think that would be part of her job.
  9. Ruby, welcome to our "tribe", the last place I'm sure you want to be. I understand a bit how you must be feeling. I lost my husband 8 years ago followed by my daughter a year later. This is possibly the hardest journey you will ever take as you follow the path of grief, but know that you are not alone. We will walk beside you. The pain is always there, but in time it becomes bearable. I will never accept losing them, but I have adapted.
  10. I sure get what you mean about the premium channels. My cable bill is over $200 per month with no premium channels, but I pay extra for unlimited data because the guys play video games constantly and I mostly watch on demand which eats into the data, I think. I can get most of the newer movies at the library by waiting a bit, but not all of them. I've never gotten to see Nomadland, for example. Of course, I have the luxury of someone to pick up and return the DVDs for me also. FYI, The Mauritanian is the true story of a camel driver from Mauritania suspected of being a terrorist. He was simply a scapegoat, but was arrested and held at Guantanamo and tortured mentally and physically for 14 years with no formal charges. He was helped by a female human rights attorney from Albuquerque who spent years trying to get him freed. Sad to see how he was treated and to see all the nasty tricks our fine military used to get him to confess to acts he never commited. Hope you are starting to feel some better. Hugs!
  11. I'll play odd man out here. I liked A Quiet Place and am reserving the sequel at the library. Of course, I'm into murder and mayhem in movies and books. I like suspense, just not the real bloody stuff. Decided to watch A Star Is Born with Kristofferson and Streisand(never seen it before). Streisand has a beautiful voice and she has James Brolin😁. What more could you ask for? Just didn't care for what she was singing in the movie so I stopped it halfway through. Don't think you can top the newest version. I watched The Mauritanian, a heart wrenching movie. Guess you can figure out how I spend most of my time 24/7. A terribly exciting life. NOT
  12. Kay, I really hope it doesn't take an attack on the children before your son wakes up! It's obvious this dog is aggressive or the new family wouldn't have returned him.
  13. Now, that is one relaxed dog! Happy B-day Kay and Kodie. Hope you're holding at 39. I am 😁
  14. Unbelievable that the walker couldn't be delivered! It's obvious you are disabled right now or you wouldn't need the thing. I'll knock on wood as I say that I have no major complaints with my doctor, just the inconvenience of office visits every few months due to Tramadol being a controlled substance. There is a full time phlebotomist in his office and pee tests are done there also so no lab for me. Only have to go elsewhere for xrays. I have to stay on top of med refills as they are slow to respond sometimes. I sure don't have all the problems you and Kay seem to have. Sure hope the surgeon's office pays more attention. What part of "I'm in more pain" don't they understand?
  15. Gwen, hoping all went well with home health care today and they were able to help you feel more comfortable at home. Hoping you feel well enough to care for Mel soon. I know how you miss her. Hang in there!
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