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  1. Missy, there is no "normal" in grief. No one walks in your shoes except you and no one has the right to judge your feelings. My husband and daughter have been gone for nearly 8 years and 7 years, respectively. I don't cry every day, but still have moments of unbearable sadness. They remain in my thoughts and heart every day and always will. Time does take the edge off, but does not obliterate the grief.
  2. I was on my way to the store today and I stopped at a crosswalk for 3 teenage girls. It felt so odd. There they were all decked out in their backpacks and MASKS! Reminded me of abandoned kids in an apocalyptic themed movie. It's sad to see the kind of world these kids are having to grow up in. But when you think about, kids in third world countries have been living in turmoil for years. Even sadder. I guess reality is a little harder to accept when it hits home.
  3. Anne, Pre haircut Benji reminds me of a Tasmanian Devil just waiting to spin himself into mischief. Just so cute. I know you miss him very much.
  4. Supposedly, Arizona is leading the nation in New Covid cases and deaths. What a thing to be famous for! For all I know, the news may be saying the same thing locally for every state. You really don't know what to believe. Irregardless, I still plan to get my truck washed, go to Walmart, and the grocery store. Wondering how many "germs" these strangers will leave behind as they clean my truck? There was a time when we went outside to get some fresh air. Now we're afraid to take a breath. Life has become ridiculous!
  5. Gin, I'm so very sorry. I wish you peace in your heart. Karen
  6. Kay, it also doesn't hurt to have 2 large dogs that bark like they want to eat you alive(more likely lick you to death). LOL This guy stayed well back from the fence while spinning his yarn.
  7. Well, first day of the new year and already the weirdos are coming out of the woodwork. Robert and I were in the front yard with the dogs. Some dude comes sailing up on an electric scooter wearing a toboggan hat and reflective vest asking if we're homeowners or renters. Robert told him it was none of his business. Then he said he just wanted to talk to us about solar. Right!! On New Year's Day dressed so professional. I don't think so😆 Dogs didn't like him either.
  8. A year ago in Nov. before all this was brought to public awareness, Robert got really sick...fever for days on end, coughing, and generally wiped out. He thought it was the flu, but with no aching all over that is common to the flu. Like me, he is stubborn and didn't go to the doctor, just toughed it out for 2 or 3 weeks. I remember us taking the dogs to the vet with him dripping sweat and the tech telling him he looked awful and to go home and lay down. He wonders now if he really had Covid. I didn't catch whatever it was. I really think it's been around a lot longer than reported.
  9. Sending you a "big sister" hug and kiss, Gwen. Not nearly the same, I know. A few nearby neighbors shot off fireworks at midnight. The first one was so loud it sounded like it was right outside the window but my grandson said it was down the street a couple of houses. It actually shook the window. Dogs didn't like it either. Glad that's over. Was checking out Joan Baez's website earlier wondering if she still toured. I tend to forget how old I am and that other people get old too. She will be 80 this year. Hard to believe. She cut a new album in 2018. I listened to some of it on yout
  10. Well, I'm all "spit shined and polished" waiting for my New Year's date to show up. Of course, he's not coming. This is the 8th year that he hasn't been able to make it. So it's just me and the dogs and "Dateline" reruns of mayhem and murder. Just another day in the neighborhood..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  11. Tom, it's nice to hear that you and Carol have found happiness. My best to you both.
  12. For no particular reason, I've had this "black cloud" feeling on me since before Xmas. Xmas was nice for us, but there is just no joy anymore. I should be content with what I have, for so many have so much less. Maybe it's just a sign of the times. I have been okay with the staying at home watching tv, reading, or piddling around making jewelry but I'm really beginning to miss going on road trips, going to the mountains, to a restaurant or an arts and crafts show. Just going somewhere where you can have a normal conversation without these infernal masks that remove one's humanity. Will this cr
  13. Thanks Gwen. I've never been to a therapist, but those things make sense. I've never been able to stop my brain from going a million miles an hour. It's why I can't sleep. I've always thought I could just "tough out" my problems or take care of them myself. As things come back to haunt me, I obviously didn't do a very good job. Such is life....
  14. My ex spent 4 yrs. in the Coast Guard stationed in Long Beach, Ca. He and his cousin joined up together before they were drafted. My daughter was born there. He said his worst recoveries were victims of small planes which crashed in the ocean. It's funny how your mind picks certain things from long ago to remember. I met his shipmates at a barbecue held at the Commander's house. Turns out one guy I met named Danny something had a good friend named Charles Manson. This was a couple of years before the awful murders.
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