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  1. A church here in the metro area was giving out 2400 rolls of toilet paper today. I wonder if 5000 people showed up for it. I also wonder where they got 2400 rolls of toilet paper. A couple of days ago, I read that grocery stores are going to install plexiglass between cashiers and customers. And time matches on.....
  2. I suppose it's human nature to not like being told what we can and can't do. But this time it seems there's a monster lurking just outside our door to grab us and gobble us up, or so they say. Where's Superman when you need him? Although I'm used to staying home, I miss the visits to the grocery store(of all places, lol), library, and Walmart. Right now I miss Great Clips the most. I'm beginning to look a bit shaggy, not that there's anyone who ever notices. I just don't want to scare myself looking in the mirror. Although keeping their distance, people were still hiking our few hills and walking in the parks. Those have now been closed. I sure hope all these closures serve their purpose and curb the virus. It's ruining so many businesses, not to mention our sanity.
  3. George, Go figure? I told the receptionist the symptoms, even asked to speak to the PA, but she was gone. I told her I could speak to the doctor on the phone or communicate on the computer, just no camera. She said he was scheduling televisits. Maybe that's the only way he can get paid.
  4. Thanks Dee, I'm trying to remember to drink water whenever I go through the kitchen. I actually had Robert pick me up some cranberry juice a few days ago when I started feeling this way. He could only get a couple of small bottles. I have to mix it with a little apple juice. Just too sour alone. Should have called the doctor earlier in the week. Guess I thought I was going to wish it away. I wondered about the lab situation, Gwen. I wonder how backed up they are with all the sick people. Another place I don't want to visit in person. Hope to get a callback on Monday.
  5. It's funny. We used to fear a nuclear war. Who would have thought a virus could bring down not just one country, but most of the world. As we destroy the earth, Mother Nature dishes out retribution.
  6. On Kay, I hope your order gets resolved soon and you're not ripped off. Maybe it's just a glitch. I have a few things or order at Walgreens(cheaper online and free shipping right now) and some beads from my regular online store which is in Ann Arbor, Mi. Both orders are delayed, but I expected that. Of all the times to get one of these stupid infections. Can't even run to an ER or clinic right now, wouldn't anyhow. Got some dental putty for my missing filling. Nothing I can do about the broken tooth. Just another day in the neighborhood😊
  7. Kevin, so sorry to hear of another setback. If only our kids could understand the heartbreak...... Blast it! I seem to have another UTI. Called the doctor and of course he won't prescribe without a urine sample. Office called back and said he is doing televisits?. Not sure what you call them, but my computer does not have a camera. Waiting for another callback. I'm not in a lot of pain, but very uncomfortable.
  8. Robert prepares my taxes for me only so I can file the state for my property tax refund. I'm not required to file a federal due to income. I read today that you must have a return on file for 2018 or 2019 so they are aware you require a stimulus check. So will be making a copy of mine and sending it in. Just a little info if anyone else is in my shoes.
  9. I believe I got the smallpox vac when I was a baby. Had a scar on the back of my arm. Polio vacs were in grade school, 2 or 3 of them(one a liquid). I remember the horrid iron lungs too. My oldest aunt had polio and walked with a limp and a brace. Great strides in medicine for sure, but still so many things that outrun it. Need to go to the dentist. Of my few remaining teeth, the one that anchors my top denture has broken off in the back and another has lost it's filling. Don't even know if he's open. He's older than I am. Not in pain for now, so will hold off as long as I can. Just don't want the anchor tooth to break off completely. This is a drop in the bucket, of course. Just something to rant about. Still no TP readily available here. Will need some next week. Maybe.......... Pain in the butt for Robert to have to shop several places and still not get everything. He found 1 roast in Albertsons. It was $50. Still there unless some fool bought it. No pork chops, only chicken and hamburger. Being on food stamps, we try to be economical. Ain't happening for now!
  10. Gwen, my heart just breaks for you as you have so much hanging over your head at once. What does the surgery entail and what is the recovery time? Is it safe for you with breathing problems? Will it eliminate your pain? What will eventually happen if you don't have it? What level of home care will you require? You must weigh the pros and cons. Unfortunately, the decision is yours alone. Disliking hospitals and doctors, I can't honestly say what I would do. Some hospitals will write off part of a balance. It may be based on your income. You might check into that. Same with property taxes for widows in some states. I know these things take time and effort, but might save you a few dollars. Perhaps your accountant could help. I'm sending you a hug. I wish I could tell you everything will be alright, but I can't. I can only hope for better days ahead for you. Love ya
  11. Kay, be wary of the medicine. Chloroquine has been used to treat malaria since the 1940's under a doctor's supervision. Evidently, the President was in error when he stated it was approved for the virus. Some have died taking it. It's also an ingredient in other products. A couple here took Chloroquine Phosphate thinking it was safe. They mixed it in liquid. They were actually drinking aquarium cleaner. Couldn't they read the bottle?! He died and she managed to throw hers up and is hospitalized.
  12. Medical results are the worst to interpret. I'm glad your appt. Is soon so you can hear it in English. You and I seem to be the only crazy ones awake in the middle of the night. Either I can't shut my brain off or I have have weird scary nightmares that wake me up. I have to be falling down exhausted to stay asleep. I usually sleep in the daytime. The governor has the National Guard stocking the grocery stores now. Hopefully we'll be able to get some of the basics this week. As long as I'm not sick, I won't mess with the testing. I don't leave the house anyway so should be safe. I wonder how long this virus lives on things. How long before it will be safe to touch things. Maybe no one knows, so we can live in fear for the rest of our lives.
  13. Marg, where Ron's folks lived in W. Va., the roads are mountainous and very narrow with a lot of blind curves, cliff on one side and river on the other. He would honk every time we went around a curve to alert oncoming traffic. A whole new concept for me. He said if you met a huge coal truck, you would back down looking for a wide spot to get out of it's way. Fortunately didn't happen when I visited.
  14. Gwen, you are not a misfit nor a criminal! I don't understand her thinking you would be a danger to others if you don't have the virus. Your dogs would surely be affected if you got sick just as they were last time. I have read both yes and no that dogs can catch this, so don't know the truth on that, but with Ally being elderly and ill, it's possible she would be hard to rehome even in the best of times. There are still people out there with compassion, I would hope. Do you leave the house to be in the vicinity of humans or just to get away from the reminders and dark thoughts? When I gambled away my life, it was both. I couldn't stand looking at the space where Ron died. I didn't necessarily want to talk to anyone, just be in a different atmosphere. The dark thoughts will always be with me. You can't run away from yourself. I remember my mom taking various trips after my dad died. I guess that her way of trying to escape. If you are just trying to get away, there are probably multiple beautiful places you can drive to and never get out of the car. If it's a need for people, I wouldn't know exactly what to do. I would be wary. It's a bit different for me. Although we don't interact much, the guys are always here in the house. My biggest fear for you is that you may interact with someone who is infected. I'm sorry I don't have better suggestions.
  15. Kieron, simply beautiful and so perfect. You obviously have steady hands and a great deal of patience, neither of which I possess. I have seen Batik on cloth(as Dee mentioned) at craft shows, but nothing like this. I used to do embroidery kits until my old eyes and unsteady hands said "No more"! I switched to setting loose faceted gemstones in silver which became tedious and expensive. Now I make gemstone bead jewelry(nothing intricate or fancy). Easier to handle and I love making different color combinations. Being OCD, I have enough beads around here to dress up the world. Ron was the one who always encouraged me to try new things. I'm sure Mark is smiling down on you as you create new pieces.
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