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  1. Marty, Hospice Of The Valley treated Ron with love and dignity and were responsible for transporting him home to breathe his last breath. Nurses stayed here with him round the clock through the end. I have only kind words for them. My daughter lived in a rural area. The Hospice in her area was probably understaffed for the large area they covered and definitely poorly trained. The nurse who visited most often did not even have a license, I found out later. It took them hours to arrive when called. I was appalled to learn no one would be there to provide medical assistance during her final hours. Just "give us a call after she's gone and we'll call the funeral home for you." I watched her die screaming and in convulsions, an unimaginable horror and I was helpless to stop her torment. Therein lies my anger. Such different treatment from two organizations who should operate on the same principle.
  2. Kevin, you are really showing your age now(lol). When I was growing up, we lived in mobile home parks. All of them had a shuffleboard court. Of course, only old codgers played shuffleboard. And little kids, like me. Glad you met some new friends and had a good time. Hope it's an indoor court.??
  3. Gwen, I'm so, so sorry that Ally is not doing well. Although it saddens you, it seems like the hospital might be the best place for her right now, especially with the weather you are having. Our pets are truly our "fur babies" and we only want the best for them.
  4. It seems that many of our spouses experienced less than stellar medical care. In Ron's case, a catherization(which he told the nurse NOT to attempt due to scar tissue) led to a bladder blockage which then required surgery, a chemo port and feeding tube implanted incorrectly...........Those are just the beginning of a long list of errors that finally delayed his chemo treatments for 6 months. His poor body just could not withstand any more. Would he have survived if all had gone smoothly? I don't know, but at least he would have had a fighting chance. That was where all my anger and resentment was directed. At the inept medical profession. In my daughter's case, it was the Hospice she was involved with and the God she loved who left her to die screaming and in convulsions. It took me many years to let go of all that anger. Holding onto it was not going to bring them back or change the unknown future. So, it just kind of dwindled away to be replaced with nothingness. As far as feeling anger, resentment, and jealousy just in general, I don't really feel any of that for anyone, which is what I think you are referring to, Cookie. I don't seem to feel much of anything anymore.
  5. Somehow visiting a gravesite is just not the same as sharing a special moment, kiss, or dinner so I will do none of them and treat it as just another day, like so many other lonely ones now. Was listening to one of my "Kitaro" cds while running errands today. Beautiful music, but sad at the same time as I remembered a concert we attended many years ago. Almost 6 years and the sadness never ends.
  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Marty! Hope it was a special day. We love you.
  7. I feel for you all in the snow. Where my daughter lived in Kentucky, just traces of snow, but I remember the deadly ice storms and freezing cold a couple of winters I was there. We had some 6' snows at our cabin outside of Flagstaff, but did not go there much in the winter. Here in the Phoenix area, it's been a bit chilly to me 50's and 60's, but after living here for 60+ years, my blood is like water. And here I was hoping to move to the mountains. Brrrr!
  8. You are not alone, Gwen. I lost both Ron and Debbie and Ron's dad(several years ago), all to cancer. I find it difficult to even hear the word, perhaps out of fear and most certainly out of disgust. I am proud of you too, George. Unfortunately, Diabetes is the gift that just keeps on giving, affecting everything else in your system. For me, the most I can muster up is to continue to make jewelry. I have made a ton of nice things(to me anyway and Ron thought so). It keeps me out of trouble, not that I go anywhere to get in trouble. Not much happening at the grocery store, library, or Walmart.
  9. Darrel, Nice to hear from you. I love my Kachinas and other Native American craftwork. There are times when it makes me a bit sad to see all of it sitting here as it represents part of the happier life I once lived. Such a different solitary life now. Have passed by Holbrook many times on our way to Gallup and Zuni. My photo was taken by the wall(hand painted by a Zuni artist) outside a shop in Zuni. He made beautiful hand painted drums. Those were the days....... Peace to you and be well.
  10. Cookie, He's a cutie, for sure! Just waiting on the sidelines with mischief in mind, I'll bet. Puppies are like toddlers. Can't turn your back for a second. My daughter had cocker spaniel brothers she named Rio and Lobo(after a John Wayne movie), Ron's favorite, of course. I'm not sure the missing ever ends.............
  11. And to you, Darrel. My wish is for lasting peace in all our hearts.
  12. That's the reason I quit trying different churches, I guess. I just wanted to fit in somewhere, but in my heart I didn't anywhere. Somehow it is easier to feel anonymous on Christmas Eve. People are welcoming for a brief time. It was nice, but brings a bit of sadness, too. Sure hope you stay out of the ER!!
  13. Gwen, I'm so relieved for you that things are "so far, so good" with Ally. You definitely don't need another "hit" right now. My Marley's Lupus is under control for now, although she is on an antibiotic and vitamin long term. She appears to be having a hip problem late at night. She's like a granny when she gets up. Am going to try Glucosamine. Don't think it has anything to do with the Lupus. For some of us, Christmas will never be the same. There is no joy anymore, but I try for the ones that are here. My heart breaks for you also. I'm not religious, but last Christmas Eve or maybe the one before(can't remember), I went to a church service just for the beauty and the peace. It's something to think about. Hope your cold is clearing up.
  14. Jame, Welcome to our "tribe" We are all warriors fighting our grief. Some days we are able to win the skirmish, others not so much. We are always here for each other to lend an ear or offer a much needed hug. I'm not sure I will ever be OK again. I'm not even sure what OK is. I suppose as Darrel says, it's "putting one foot in front of the other", which I have managed to do for 5+ years after the death of my husband followed by that of my daughter a year later, both due to cancer. Neither death was sudden or unexpected, yet I was not prepared to lose them. We never had "the talk".........things were left unsaid, but I have to believe he knew how much I loved him for 40+ years. I know she knew how much I loved her. Peace to you as we walk this rocky path.
  15. Gwen, Are you still on the oxygen full time? I'm sorry, but I don't get the shortness of breath being caused by the cessation of smoking. What's the point of giving up smoking? It's like the pills doctors give everyone for various ailments that then require other pills to counter the side effects of the first pills. Just a vicious merry-go-round. I get short of breath if I walk very fast or far or when cleaning house. I chalk it up to the COPD. Do you have a handicap plate or tag for your car? I have one because of the COPD. They are a blessing for parking. Hope you are having a better evening