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  1. Mary So sorry about your aunt. The happy memories somehow help us to keep moving forward. I'm glad you have those.
  2. I have always worn Wranglers, even as a kid. They have a style called "As Real As Wrangler" which fits me perfect. I am at the other end of the spectrum being 5ft. tall. Hope the 6 or so pairs I have last till death. I am appalled at the price of jeans! Silly me, I thought we might have smooth sailing for a while. Dodged a bullet in replacing a toilet flush valve. Googled the problem, tried the fix and it worked for now, knock on wood. But(there's always a but), my son and grandson no longer qualify for the state health insurance plan. With a raise he received at his new job, he make
  3. Kay Just so very sorry. Sending vibes of peace for your sister and the entire family.
  4. Kay, I'm so very sorry to hear this. I hope he is being kept comfortable. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  5. I think Marg is in northern Louisiana. Marty is in Florida(can't remember where) which is also getting hit. Hope she chimes in also.
  6. Kay, I have to say that Sears is the absolute worst to deal with on the phone. I can NEVER understand their reps. I sent them an email about this very thing 20 years ago. Obviously, it did no good. lol I will say that I've never had a problem with their repair or delivery people though. I hope your washer is working right and not leaking now.
  7. The whole idea of a "play date" is so foreign to me. Not in reference to introducing Kodie to a new friend to see how they get along Kay, but in reference to humans. I know "play dates" have been around for years now, but how did society become so regimented that we have to schedule a time for our children to play. What happened to kids being kids and just hanging out together at someone's house or the park, riding bikes or exploring the neighborhood. Can you imagine your mom setting up a "play date" for you or even setting up one for your kids. If people control every aspect of their children
  8. Went to the cable store today, discussed streaming(which was hard enough standing 6 feet apart trying to hear the responses through a mask), decided it was worth trying to save about $80 a month, and got the equipment. Then went to the grocery store. When we got home, they had already turned off the cable(which they weren't supposed to do until we called them). So my son started to install the new equipment. It required a new modem\router compatible with the streaming device. The new router does not have enough Ethernet ports to support the connections we need, so streaming will not work for u
  9. I'm all caught up on the Wind River series, waiting in line for the latest Jance book, and waiting for the latest Kate Shugak in ebook form. Have never read McGarrity. Funny how we become attached to these book characters. lol I hop around among 36 murder and mayhem authors and always looking for new ones. I think I was in law enforcement in my previous life. Sure more exciting than my current one.
  10. Marg, I love it! You always give me fun things to search for. Found Alex Baldwin as Robicheaux in "Heaven's Prisoners" in 1996. Don't remember seeing that one. Tommy Lee Jones played him in "In The Electric Mist" in 2009 which I have on DVD. Very few ebooks at our library so probably won't get into them. Barely started on the Cork O'connor series. Long wait. Lots of people reading those. Check out Jenny Milchman. Fairly new author. Her books are pretty exciting.
  11. Ana, your post breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. You are so young and yet you have lived a lifetime. We all understand and we love you.
  12. Sad to say, but TV conversation makes perfect sense to me as mine is on all my waking hours. I don't record anything. I have about 160 left of the 600 dvd' s we accumulated. Sold a lot at yard sales and traded for other things at the second hand book\electronics store. There are very few prime time shows I watch when in season. Don't care for sitcoms or talk shows. Mostly watch ID, HGTV, and free movies on demand. Watched everything Netflix had that interested me for a couple of months, then cancelled. Can always get newer movies at the library when I brave that environment again. I put all my
  13. It bothers me that I have nothing to look forward to or get excited about. No vacations, spur of the moment trips, trips to see Debbie, dinner out, arts and crafts shows, and anything else fun we used to do. I certainly don't have your pain or worry of possible surgery, but I definitely share your boredom and aloneness. Grocery shopping is my only activity and not a pleasant one with the outrageous prices and the suffocating mask thing. I'd settle for a trip to the mountains just to see pine trees and smell fresh air. Even if we could afford the gas, logistics are a problem. My truck is a doub
  14. Dates are full of coincidence. In addition to the obvious events of 9\11, my mother died on 9\11 and my son was born on 9\11. My father died on 1\14 and my oldest grandson was born on 1\14. Just a bit weird. Clever writing you found about living one day at a time, Marg. I read something once about letting tomorrow take care of itself. The big problem being that tomorrow never takes care of itself. lol It has been almost a yellow day here. A strange color in the sky. We are getting haze from the California fires.
  15. It seem dogs have different personalities and mannerisms, just like people. Marley is not very affectionate to me, but is to my son. She likes to be petted and brushed and is always at my side, but does not like kisses. She does not "dog talk". Tatum runs up at random with big sloppy kisses. She likes to grab my arm and lead me somewhere. She's always done that. I have permanent red marks or bruises on my arms. She has very kind and intelligent eyes. We have a lot of "dog conversations". She talks back as if she completely understands you. They both sleep in my room, but on the floor.
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