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A Humming Bird

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This actually happened to me today - Here's the story:


A Hummingbird - He “Held Me In His Arms” Today

Today I asked these questions - in the afternoon daylight.

How can your little image – hold me frozen here in place?

Who are you little bird so rare – who should vanish without trace?

Why do you sit so still – so close – and look at me – and wait?

Why do you show me colors bright – why do you hesitate?

Either I am more sensitive to what is happening around me – more in tune with nature - and all it beholds – or - Jack has found yet another way to gently “Hold Me In His Arms” - Today. Perhaps - a bit of both?

I was leaving my parents home in Scottsdale this afternoon when a few hummingbirds were moving like jet streams out the gated entry of their home. Suddenly - just two feet ahead of me – “one lone hummingbird” – broke from the pack - uncharacteristically stopped - and landed on the lower branch of a bush - in my clear view. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It was as if this small yet powerful creature was saying “Hey there you – Look at me – Can you see me?” He could clearly see me – and I could clearly see him. There was little foliage in this particular area and his little body was sitting there - still – looking back at me – almost telling me - “come closer John Boy”. I stopped and said to my parents – “look at that hummingbird – have you ever known one to stop and simply sit there and look at you”. Even my conversation about this happening – did nothing to frighten him away. I also have a tendency to talk with “my hands” - but nothing was going to stop the performance that was about to unfold before our eyes. My parents were directly behind me watching this small creature gaze wistfully in my direction. Wistfully you say? Yes – a Gaze – and Wistfully. He beckoned me closer – as if for a “curtain call” – and I obliged - stepping closer.

And then the color show began! He fluttered his wings numerous times and displayed a most beautiful shade of fuchsia - as his wings opened and shut – He SAT ON A BRANCH – not propelled in mid air - as normally seen by his species. He was insistent on STAYING FOR A VISIT – truly not frightened by the human presence. For at least one full minute this tiny creature put on his own color show of – fuchsia – blues and greens. Even my two steps toward him did not detour his artistic display of “who he was”. My hand reached out toward him – and still - He did not make one move to fly. It was not until I continued my stroll - directly past him - that he took flight again - and jetted into the sky. My magnified glance at natures face – had ended.

And so I had to ask these questions once again.

How did your little image – hold me frozen here in place?

Who were you little bird so rare – who should vanish without trace?

Why did you sit so still – so close – and look at me – and wait?

Why did you show me colors bright – why did you hesitate?

I have never observed this hurried species to linger quietly on a branch and provide such an outstanding display of nature’s beauty. “To linger” – is not part of who they are. I have seen photographs like that which I witnessed today – but never such an “in-person” and “personal performance”. A front row seat – free of charge.

My Mother experienced a feeling of chills up and down her arms as the “Little Messenger” performed for us – welcoming our approach - and providing what seemed like an encore performance of the initial color show. I said to my parents as he vanished from my sight – it “Must Be Jack” – another “Visit of Encouragement” – in the only means possible. How else can I explain something like this happening? Today I witnessed a miracle - small like the bird – but there just the same. He lives again in what I see – He lives again in what he was to me. Nature has a wonderful way of helping us go on – He “Held Me In His Arms” today.


Hope you enjoy - It happened to me today.

John - Dusky is my handle on here.

Love you Jack

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My dear John,

Your hummingbird story is heart-warming, and is yet another example of what author Karla Wheeler describes as "comforting coincidences" in her book, Afterglow: Signs of Continuing Love. It also reminds me of the experiences Joel Rothschild writes about in his wonderful book, Signals. With your beautiful mind and your lovely gift for writing, I'm wondering when we'll be recommending the book that you have written!

Wishing you peace and healing,

Marty T

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Who knows but God whether these things be coincidence or a message? We find great encouragement at any rate and perhaps they are a sign meant to encourage and comfort us.

You really must consider writing, your writing is quite remarkable! It is inspiring to all of us, we have a budding author in our midst!

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