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I don't know how to deal..


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This has been a trying year for deaths of my animals, my cat Tigger died march 1st sudden heart attack. Then not even a month later we find out Prince our 6 year old cat has Kidney failure stage 4 and basically told he's going to die. My cat Jasmine is 19 so I may lose all 3 in one year. I will cry suddenly, lash out, have anger spurts if it wasn't for my mantis's i would prob lose it. It just hurts its to much, its hard to deal with 3 cats being sick like that.


Just having a crappy year. :(

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I'm so sorry that this has been such a trying year for you, filled with the pain of losing Tigger, then that of Prince's serious illness and Jasmine's aging, and knowing that more is yet to come. Please know that we are thinking of you ~ and I hope these articles will bring you some small measure of comfort:

Anticipating the Death of a Cherished Pet

Pet Euthanasia: When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

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It sounds like it truly has been a hard year for you, I'm so sorry.  Losing our pets is very very hard.  Not only are we missing them, but you get hit with constant triggers as you try to adjust to what it means to your life, with changes in your daily routines and interactions.  I lost my Miss Mocha a year ago, and thought I was going to lose Kitty twice since then (she's 21).  My dog is already past the age his breed lives to, so I understand your fear.  Very hard, my heart goes out to you.

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