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Second Christmas feel broken

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Hello to everyone I have been gone awhile, learning how to live this new life without my Kevin, attempting to find some sense of happiness again to learning how to live again and trying to learn to love again, I remember when I first found this site I was lost and broken everyone made me feel so welcome and understood and helped me learn to find my way in this horrible journey of grief for that I will forever be grateful, I this past year have decided to try and find love again though hard because I compare everyone to what I had with Kevin and I will never have that again but I hope for a different kind of love, so tomorrow is Christmas and once again get bombarded with empty sad emotions of another Christmas without him, it sucks and it hurts, to everyone out there my heart goes out to you for your loss and I hope we all find our way hugs to everyone

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I hope you find it, Robin, I gave up on that idea long ago, decided to content myself with my memories of the awesome love I had with my George. Merry Christmas, I hope you find something good in today.

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Robin, remember the good qualities that you had in Kevin. Do not expect to find someone that is completely different. Six years ago I felt that I was ready to look for a partner, but he had to be completely different than Lars was. Oh yes I found him, someone that laughed and joked and made me laugh all the time. Someone that didn't take much seriously. I wasted  almost a year with this man. One morning I woke up and realized I did want someone that was more like my husband had been. Yes, he was too serious at times, yes he followed a budget, yes he did all the responsible things a husband should do, but in forty one years I felt safe and protected. 

The next man I found was much like my husband, although he had a sense of humor, he made me laugh, but we had serious discussions also. 

It isn't fair to compare the two men, but always remember.... it doesn't hurt for the new man in your life to have some of the same qualities as Kevin did. After all, you loved your husband for who he was, give another guy the same chance.

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