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Not to trade of one of the Carpenter's greatest hits, but this title is so true for me, when I first met My Lovely and Beautiful Life's partner Nancy 25 years ago, Sept 19th and married Dec 3rd 1994, same year, My friends and hers were concerned that we were rushing into it, and to think things over, luckily we did not heed their advice, something inside of us knew this was something, and something was right, oh don't get me wrong, we had out up's and downs just like everybody else, but yet we stood the test of time, and if possible, our Love grew stronger, for no one on this planet knew us, better then we knew each other.

She was and is the voice I hear in the mornings, that gets me ready for the day, to deal with all that life throws at you, and are able to deal with it all, because you know where you are going at the end of the day, to the one true person that loves and understands you, and laughs at all your stupid jokes, and doesn't ask for anything more as you walk in the door, of just a Kiss, and is truly happy to see you, and this is the one thing money can't buy, the true feeling of home, as home is not a place where you live, it is a place that  fills inside that you know is forever, where do you go from that,  the truth is you don't, her shoes can never be filled, and the Love never replaced, My one and only true wish was to grow old with her, and leave at the same time!! I spend my days now waiting for the Creator to take me, so that I may be with her again, in the same place, so that once again I will be HOME!!!!!!                               Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts of my Beautiful Nancy Weiss

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That’s what is great about this place, you can share everything you are feeling.  You don’t have to start a new topic each time.  If you notice, most are threads that continue based on a topic.  But whatever you want to do.  

You described so much of what we all feel.  What it takes to make a true home.  Love.

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Our love was so deep and true, I knew when one of us died, it would continue even if we couldn't reach each other through that veil...I, too, look forward to that day!  We had the same wish as you.

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