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Do Mothers' and Fathers' Days irritate anyone else?

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I've felt sad and lonely in the past. Maybe with the lock down and restrictions and such, I'm just testy. But this year, I'm actually irritated by Mother's Day.  Dad died in 2005, and Mom in 2013, so it's not making a lot of sense.  This is the first time I actually feel resentful when I see a commercial for anything relating to Mother's Day.

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This is a particularly hard one.  This will be my sixth Mother's Day without my mom.  For the last several years I've had my kids to get together with but this will be my first when I couldn't celebrate it at all due to the pandemic.  It is quite depressing that it will be just another day alone.  I don't have anything of my mom's, nothing to remember her by as she left everything to my brother.  I do have a picture of her on our last Mother's Day together that I "share" every year on FB, which I've already done.  But how to handle the day so it's not "just another day" like all of the other days in this social isolation?  No answers.  

I, too, am hating the day right now.  And that's okay, I'm happy for those who get to enjoy it, I'm just not one of them.  Any way you can make it through the day is fine by me!

Father's Day will be even worse.  My dad's birthday and my parent's anniversary was June 10, he has been gone 38 years so it's a distant memory that I even had a dad, it is so long ago, I missed him all my adult life.  He never got to meet his grandchildren.  Then my husband's birthday was June 14 and he died on the 19th...on Father's Day.  In recent years I've made it about my son, who is now a father...but this year I won't get to see him either.  So both days pretty much suck this year.  Bah humbug.

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