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I lost contact with our dog months ago, she died early this morning :(


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I lived with my former best friend and her dog, Christmas, for 7 years. Four of those years were in my home until it flooded.  We moved in with her dad who started showing signs of dementia. I was deeply depressed so I had the job of sitting with her dad 70-80 hours a week for 3 years.  When he died, I was forced to move out. I missed Christmas so much and felt guilty for disappearing on her like that. I wasn’t even able to visit much at all cause of the jealous ex that my friend got back together with.   About 3 months ago, My former best friend gave me Roux, who was a cat I found and we both claimed ownership of, but I let her keep Roux since she had just lost her dad. Her ex was allergic to cats so I was happy to get Roux back.  I am living with my son and he has the brother of Roux,  so it’s nice to all be together.  I was hurting so bad from missing Christmas, and wondered if she felt abandoned by me:( . The guilt was awful. I got a call from my former best friend this morning that Christmas died. She was 9 years old and healthy. She did have a little stomach problem and the vet gave her a couple of shots and medication yesterday. She died? What happened? I helped my friend bring her to be cremated this morning. My heart is broken. So much time lost with her. I wonder if she knew I never wanted to leave her? 

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Tell her now.  Speak aloud to her.  Do something in her memory.  A lot we don't know about the hereafter, but I proceed as if they are aware, no longer limited by their physical bodies, perhaps they are aware, I still talk to my dog, Arlie and my husband.  No one can say anything for sure but neither can they say they can't!  All I know is, the bond is still there, we continue loving them and missing them.

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