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If time would stop still Tiger😔

My beautuful Tiger

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Sometimes I just want to scream....Sometimes im angry and frustrated...Sometimes I wish I could demand that time stopped still when you passed away. So people could stop acting like life just goes on..so i can be allowed to grieve and be sad and that it would be ok if i never felt ok again.I wouldnt have to answer to the world nor explain tirelessy about how affected I am..still am with your death.dosent anyone care that something truly departed from this world...so why is it ok for even me to laugh and smile...why is it ok for me to carry on each day...im angry at the season..its too cold for your body to lay there tiger..you shoild come in..its warm inside...whenever I feel my feet off the ground and myself floating...i remember that I truly believe that we will meet again...and because of that my feet become grounded again and I learn to just about walk again.In a world were everyone hurts each other...you never once brought me that feeling..and for that I am forever thankful for giving me unconditional love and thankful for you not leaving me and replacing me...

Love you Tiger.


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19 hours ago, My beautuful Tiger said:

So people could stop acting like life just goes on

This struck me for I remember how I felt when my Arlie died...for everyone else life did go on, but for me....my house and yard were empty and my heart...I can't even describe it.  My son when he saw Arlie he laid down on the floor and bawled.  He said, "You have seen him go downhill little by little, but I am getting it all at once."  The only one who shared my grief, but still I knew it wasn't his to carry like it was mine, for he had a home and family to go back to, but this....this was my life.

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