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Last night around midnight I took my 8 month old ferret, Dookie, to the emergency vet. He wasn't acting normal and it is hard to find a vet nearby that can care for him. We were hoping it was a virus, but unfortunately, it was adrenal disease. His prostate was so enlarged he couldn't urinate. The poisons were backing up into his system and making him very sick. The vet offered surgery and told me it would cost at least $1500.00 and an additional $750 to x-ray and stabilize him immediately. I simply didn't have the money. I felt like I had no choice. He was euthanized.

I have such guilt today. I feel like I have failed him. He was my first ferret and I was very attached to him. My children loved him and he often went to work with me. I keep hoping he knows how much I loved him and how extremely sorry I am. I am very sad he is gone, but it's the guilt that is overwhelming.

I pray that there is a heaven for all animals. I truly hope he is in God's embrace just we humans hope to be someday.

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i am so sorry that you lost him. i work for a vet so i see it alot. it never makes it easy. i tell my clients that it is the one last thing that we can do for them out of love. i think you made the right choice, you didn't let him suffer and i believe if they could thank us they would. i see many people not euthanize their pet when they should. it maybe b/c of denial, fear of letting go or b/c of quilt. i always feel for that animal b/c i know they will have to endure the suffering. you did not do that to yours and you should be proud of that decision. it takes a very strong person to make that choice. he will always love you and they to go to heaven. i believe strongly in St Francis and he believed that all creatures are from God. Peace be with you.

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Hi Lara..I am so sorry for your loss...losing an animal is so hard...and having to euthanize is harder still. I had to euthanize a very sick kitty and I can relate to how you feel. Unfortunately animals can hide sickness very well until it is too late. I have 2 ferrets myself and dread the day when I have to make any heartwrenching decisions. My thoughts are with you..you did the right thing to help him not suffer any more, as painful as it was for you. I hope you have many happy memories to get you through the rough spots..and photos..don't forget the photos...I relied on photos of my beloved kitty for many months. A memorial service might be helpful to you and your family...I have a little memorial on my bookcase of my kitty. When an animal means so much, honoring their lives with a memorial helps with the grieving process.. I learned that here and in the many books I got after my cat had passed to the Rainbow Bridge...that is a very lovely poem and http://www.chancesspot.org/ is a good site. Take care, I am here to talk to if you need to.

LoriKelly is right on with her reply :)

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Hi Lara,

I am very, very sorry for your loss of your dear ferret Dookie. I can not even imagine the sadness you are feeling... But Dookie knew that you loved him and that you would do the best for him... I have that biggest fear in life for me is to have to put my best friend in the world to sleep.. Her name is Chelsea and she is six years old and a yellow Lab... Take care and I hope this helps.... I will keep you in my prayers Shelley

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Dear Lara,

I share in your sorrow at the loss of your beloved Dookie. You'll be glad to know that many articles, books and Web sites are devoted to the topic of whether we will be reunited with our cherished animal companions one day. Here are just a few of them:

Article, Do Pets Go to Heaven?

Article, The Journey

Article, Word from The Other Side

Article, Grieving the Loss of a Beloved Animal Companion

Book, Dogs Have Souls, Too

Rainbow Bridge (Flash Animation)

Web Site: Will My Pet Go to Heaven?

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