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i was just wondering if any 1 else was the same as me. My grandma died on the 13th november this year she put a brave battle against breast cancer. I was very close with my grandma but since she died i have done nothing but sleep i go to bed early i sleep in the afternoon i just sleep all the time. I was just wondering if any 1 was the same thankyou xx

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Sleeping all the time is very normal. Grief is very, very tiring. And sleeping is also a way to avoid having to face our feelings...or more like a break from them. I think it's our mind and bodies way of protecting us. So don't worry about it, and also it will probably change down the road a bit.

Sweet dreams for you, I hope.



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I would sleep more if I could but having two children makes that impossible. I think sleep is very healing so do it while you can.


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In the beginning I wanted to sleep all the time but only could for about 3 hours at a time. Then I was wide awake and fretting. Because I work, I was exhausted all week long. When the weekend came, all I did was sleep, day and night (waking up every three hours). After almost 6 months I was finally able to get a normal nights sleep and it made a huge difference in how much I cried and how well I was able to cope. Sometimes (like now) I revert back to three hours a night, and I really feel it in my general attitude. So, I say sleep while you can, your body obviously needs is and it helps get through the toughest parts. Maybe it's not the right way to do it but I found sleeping to be the only relief that I could get from the unremitting pain.

I hope you at least have some sweet dreams.

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