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Went To A Funeral Yesterday


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Hi everyone,

One of our good friends fathers passed away and the funeral was yesterday. I really didn't know her father very well, but he was a very nice quiet man. I wasn't sure about how I'd be during the service, but I managed to make it through without too much difficulty. Of course I cried, as I remembered my moms recent funeral, but it felt "ok". My husband sat on my left and a friend that we haven't seen in years sat on my right. When our friend saw me crying (and he knew why it was affecting me more than some others)he whispered in my ear that it was ok and to just let the tears come. I found myself not only crying for my mom, but for my dad as this funeral was very similar to my dads. Both my Dad and our friends father who died were in World War 2 and there were a lot of referances to that during the service. When the funeral was over, we went back to our friends house where we ate a great deli lunch and socialized and payed our respects. We saw old friends that we hadn't been in touch with in so long. It was great to see them. So all in all it was a good day. At the lunch at the house as I'm talking to someone, I'm crying letting them know that my mom had died 4 months ago, than in the next minute laughing and talking about my daughters upcoming wedding. It was a moment in time of bittersweet emotions!

I guess that was a life lesson for me yesterday. That life really does leave this earth and that happy events really do take place and at the same times. Life doesn't stand still just because we are grieving and to deal with that knowledge is sometimes scary.

Hope all is as well with all of you!

Much love, Lori

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Thanks for your post. I have been dreading attending a funeral. I know it's coming but not knowing my reaction, have been avoiding it at all cost. Your reaction has taken some of the edge off and made me realize it might not be so bad. My first cousin is dying of cancer. I am already praying for strength when the time comes.....

Missing my Mom,


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Thanks everyone for your responses. I felt good being there for someone else. It took away from that wierd feeling that I've been feeling lately. It completely grounded me if only for yesterday. But I found that I really did have a productive day today. Coincidence? I don't know.

I called my friend today and she's trying to be so brave and can't sit still and trying to stay busy. I just let her talk and told her that it's ok to slow down, but she doesn't want to right now. I told her I understood and that I'll call her in a couple days. I know how close she was with her dad. I pray that she's ok...like I pray for all of us everyday to be ok!

Thanks again...Lori

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