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How Are You All Doing?


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The good Lord is being good to me.....I'm feeling better....things are better. I don't know but He's doing it! I really hope some things are better for you all. You are such good long-distance friends but You sure are friends. Thank you.


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It is so good to hear you are doing well, I think most of the time when we post it is because we are hurting. There are so few times where we come here to post when things are going good. I hope more people will post when things are going good to let others of us know that it does get better.

Love always


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I am doing ok. somedays better then others but holding my own. My faith has strengthed. I have always had it but for a long time forgot to rely on God. I am know giving him alot. I think i was so scared before that i just couldn't.

i got a promotion at work and am working alot more. the money is really helping our family and I thank God that he allows me to do this.

My boys and husband are great and such a blessing.

I have decieded to make sure try each day to be thankful for the things that i do have. Each day i know that my mom is gone, but i talk to her and realize that it is ok to feel sad. this is the road i am on and it will not change until i leave this world. when i hit those bumps in the road i say ok, here i am , i may cry , scream whatever. i let it out and then the road does get a little smoother. i just do my best. Lori

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