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Well today would have been Karen's birthday, this is the second one I have had to go through since her death. I realized it after I came to work and work has gone down hill ever since. I am very irritable and have had to apoligize to someone for snapping at them. I have been irratable for the last couple of weeks and just couldn't put my finger on it but after I realized what today is I am sure that it is part of it. I don't know if it is because of the fact that it would have been her birthday or that I didn't realizr it until the actual day. Have I come that far that things like that are starting to fade? Anyway I needed to get it out so maybe I can start concentrating a little here at work.

Love Always


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Wish Karen a Happy Birthday...and be kind to yourself. You have been through so much, and if you have started to move on a bit, count yourself fortunate, not all are able to...it's not something to feel guilty about, it's something to be grateful for. Of course you are feeling grumpy, that's okay...this whole gamut of feelings that we go through is not only unexplainable, but so very, very hard. You are doing fine, my friend, again...be kind to yourself...accepting and kind.

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