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Fathers Day

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I'm from Australia, and its Fathers Day here on Sunday. My dad died in December last year. I have tried to avoid thinking about the day and everything it holds, but I just don't seem to be able to escape it. Its really amazing how many advertisements there are on television for fathers day and how many reminders you receive - 'don't forget fathers day this sunday', 'what will you get your dad for fathers day', 'find the perfect gift for your dad this fathers day'.......... & on & on it goes................

I guess I'm just feeling a little angry at this time of year, and its like I just want to shout out to everyone 'MY DAD ISN'T AROUND FOR THIS FATHERS DAY, SO STOP REMINDING ME & ASKING ME ABOUT IT'!!!!! I just feel like I'm aloud to be a little selfish when it comes to these things, because I've had to deal with enough bad emotional feelings and experiences, that everyone should give me a break and not make me feel worse about it! I just wish that the important holidays and anniversaries could just wait until next year, when I might actually be ready to deal with them........ but for now, I'm just not ready to deal!

I think I just needed to vent my feelings, so sorry this isn't a pleasant topic!

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I'm sorry for your loss. Don't apologize for it not being a pleasant topic...that's what we're here for, to talk about all the things associated with grief and most of them aren't pleasant! This is exactly the right place to come to vent. I know how you feel. I lost my dad in '05 and my mom in June of this year. Anytime holidays come up, especially Fathers and Mothers Day, it is so depressing. Most of us on this board wish the same thing, that holidays would just disappear for a few years! Try to do something on Fathers Day that will distract you enough to get through the day. I find if I stay busy enough, it is still in the back of my mind, but not the main focus of my thoughts. Well, that works most of the time anyway! Good luck and welcome to the site.

Hugs to you,


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You are feeling normal angry feelings I lost my dad last month nov 25 2007 he was the picture above the name dad I couldnt have imagined a better dad he made me strong and securre my whole life he got lung cancer dignoised back in june right after fathers day he was hoarse at diner that day. He was given 6 months we though this is a n9ightmare it cant be true we watched him lose weight he never complained he pre arranged all his funeral arrangements I went shopping with him to pick out his suit I remember It was a friday in july I asked to leave work early I met him and step mom there dad and I went pstairs at jcpenneys he was worried about the length I said why nobody will see it i giggled he looked at me serious and said I will it was the way he was he controlled everything but when he would die he thought about every detail he had a car payment so he made sure the bank put his wifes name on it or he would get a differnt bank it was so weird how well he did he faced all his fears yes he died but he still lives in my brother and I were only 10 months apart so we just remember all of our memories we miss him but god chose it was time for him to come home

Teresa Bennett

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